Reese Witherspoon Has Adorable 'Blonde Moment' with David Letterman


This 'Late Show' joke went right over the actress' head.

David Letterman's joke went right over Reese Witherspoon's head when she showed up on Tuesday's Late Show.

The Hot Pursuit star
commented on a recent photo of her posed with her 15-year-old lookalike daughter Ava Phillippe, pointing out that she "was born the first year I was on this show."

Jokingly insinuating that he was Ava's real father (as opposed to Reese's ex-husband Ryan Phillippe), Letterman responded, "Well, that's an interesting coincidence."

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The audience started laughing right away at the joke but it took Reese a minute to catch on to the quip. "Oh, my God! No, no, no!" she exclaimed once she got what Letterman was saying.

"I got it now. ...I was having a blonde moment," the Legally Blonde actress explained. "I have a lot of them lately."

Letterman added, "That was the farthest thing from your mind!"

Steering the conversation back towards her daughter, Reese shared that Ava has expressed an interest in acting. "She's very artistic though," she said. "She's sort of a songwriter and she paints. She's wonderful."

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According to her mom, Ava has yet to run with the wrong crowd. "Not yet," the 39-year-old Oscar winner answered when asked if her teenager is rebellious. "No smoking or drinking."