'The Flash': Is Eddie Headed for a Dark Destiny? Rick Cosnett on 'Shocking' Future


Is Eddie’s destiny set in stone?

Things have been ramping up all season on The Flash for a showdown between Barry Allen – with the help of some friends (more on that later) – and the man who killed his mother, Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash, but at the center of it all is Eddie Thawne, who recently discovered his ties to one evil time-traveling speedster.

To make matters worse, Eddie learns his romantic and professional futures are all for naught. On tonight’s penultimate episode of The Flash, Eddie’s knowledge of his grim future may bring about an interesting shift in loyalties for Central City’s golden boy – and it could come in an unexpected way.

“Things go in a very shocking, surprising twist. No one is going to see it coming,” Rick Cosnett tells ETonline of The Flash’s final two episodes of the season.

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Ahead of the tonight’s episode, Cosnett dishes on Eddie’s intriguing new dilemma, future with Iris and whether he’ll go to the dark side once and for all.

With the Eobard Thawne twist, there are now some interesting possibilities 
– and questions  for Eddie. How will that manifest itself as we wrap up the season?

It’s been a very slow burn. It’s really cool to know that you almost have everyone in the palm of your hand – they’re just waiting to see what’s going to happen with you. It’s been wonderfully mysterious. It’s been fun to play with the comic book lore, knowing who Eobard Thawne is, who I am and who I could become. It’s cool to have that arc, and no one know where that arc’s going.

How is Eddie handling all of this? His world was turned upside down.

Eddie was seemingly the most stable, the most together – the golden boy. Everything always went right in his life, and now for the first time, the rug has been pulled underneath him in all areas of his life. His whole world has been turned upside down and there are so many ways that that can go. It’s going to be the motivation for his next moves and the next chapter in his life. It’s really a life-changing time for Eddie right now in the story.

After the last episode, there was a sense that Eobard was reeling Eddie in. Is that something that will be further explored?

I think some people hope it is and some people hope it isn’t. I wish I could tease more than, that but we see that Eddie has a bit of a backbone with Eobard although he’s still coming to terms with the fact that there are metahumans, let alone his ancestor is the crazy Reverse Flash. You’ll see it come to fruition by the end of the season, I’ll put it that way.

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Eobard dropped a bombshell about the lack of a future Eddie and Iris are destined to have. How does that fundamentally change Eddie’s perspective on his relationship with Iris and even Barry?

In the next episode, we’re going to see how that unravels. He knows how it turns out so he can either take that and be defeated by it or he can try and change it. But we’ve also seen how dangerous it is to try and change the future because timelines come with all sorts of repercussions. He’s really just trying to grapple with the fact that his girlfriend is going to marry her best friend and it’s written in history in the future.

Are Eddie and Iris over?

Right now we’re on the rocks, but you know how they are on the show, they’re always headed in a direction that no one sees coming. I wouldn’t give up on them just yet. I know Eddie would never do that.

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Does Eddie’s dynamic with Joe effectively shift moving forward?

Things do start to escalate on that front. There’s going to be some big surprise there.

Joe didn’t exactly give Eddie the answer he wanted when Eddie was planning on proposing to Iris …

That was harsh! (Laughs.) Joe very much is in touch with the truth and in a way it’s kinder to tell the truth than to lie to them. It’s just a really tough situation.

At the moment, Eddie is still under Eobard’s watch. Is he going to find himself stuck there for the foreseeable future? Eddie’s not necessarily with the best person.

I know right? It’s a pretty scary place to be because we all know [Eobard] has no problem killing people. On the other hand, he can’t really kill Eddie because if he dies then he dies. So I guess he has to feed him now and then – at least keep Eddie breathing – but he doesn’t really give a s*** about anything else. (Laughs.)

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Is Eddie leaning toward a particular side by the end of the season?

Eddie is a huge part of the season finale, and he’s definitely gearing toward a [specific] direction.

Is there a favorite scene you’ve shot in the final two episodes?

There’s a beautiful [emotional] scene between Candice [Patton] and I. We’re so invested in the story by this stage that you almost start to really feel your characters’ emotions. You know each other so well that you have a freedom to be able to imagine what it’s like to be a part of a massive story and we really went there.

With the finale approaching, what can fans expect when they tune in?

There’s going to be a lot of tears. There’s going to be a lot of elation. It’s jam-packed with everything you want in a season finale and more – I promise you it’s got it all. It’s going to hit hard and everyone is going to be waiting on tender hooks for season two.


Bonus scoop: As for Barry's throw-down with the Reverse Flash? Luckily he'll have allies in the Arrow and Firestorm, bringing cousins Stephen and Robbie Amell together for the first time on any screen -- a moment executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells ETonline came "organically."

"It's Barry's darkest hour," he explains, "and having sprung from Arrow, Barry and Oliver have developed this friendship, and in the crossovers they've developed this newfound respect for each other. So when Barry's in his worst moment, of course Oliver is going to show up."

But on a far more practical level, it wasn't all that difficult getting the Amells on board. (After all, they've been vocal about wanting to share the screen.) "All we had to say to Stephen and Robbie was, 'Hey do you guys want to be onscreen together?'" Kreisberg says. "How many chances are they going to get to act together in that capacity? And they were both so sweet about really making themselves available to do it, but [also] afterwards thanking us. I think it was a special night for both of them."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Hear The Flash stars Grant Gustin, and Rick Cosnett dish to ETonline about the Barry-Iris-Eddie love triangle.