Ben Savage Spills Everything Cory and Topanga Would've Tweeted About on 'Boy Meets World'!

"Cory would be tweeting what kind of soup he likes."

It's boy meets social media!

When Cory, Shawn and Topanga were growing up in the '90s on Boy Meets World, the only smartphones were the ones with caller ID, and the only thing that was tweeting were the birds outside their windows. Now, 15 years later in their hit continuation series Girl Meets World, social media and lightening-fast technology is second-nature to Cory and Topanga's children.

ETonline stopped by the Girl Meets World set to catch up with stars Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter to find out exactly what Cory and Topanga would've been tweeting and Instagraming about if they had social media growing up.

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"Cory would be tweeting about soup – what kind of soup he likes," Savage imagined. "Asking if people knew a good place to get a haircut, and where he could get alterations for his sweaters. So basically what Ben does."

"Cory would probably be tweeting about his new dinosaur t-shirt from the '90s," Blanchard -- who plays Cory and Topanga's on-screen daughter Riley -- said with a laugh.

Following the mundane trend, Carpenter is convinced that Cory Matthews' Twitter account would only have "one or two" followers. "Cory would probably tweet and Instagram about mashed potatoes, celery, life lessons," the actress/singer listed, "Maybe [he'd have] selfies with [Mr.] Feeny or pictures of Topanga -- or just Topanga tweets all the time."

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As for Mrs. Matthews' Twitter history? "Topanga would probably just be really up with the times," Carpenter continued. "She'd probably just have some snappy, really good tweets. The ones you'd want to retweet, like the relatable posts."

Blanchard revealed, "Topanga would probably be tweeting about love and peace on earth and donuts in the sky," The Disney Channel starlet also added that her mom would probably have inspirational quotes from Emerson and Socrates all throughout her Instagram account.

Like Topanga, Savage also thinks that Shawn would be a fan of sharing inspiring messages. "Shawn would Instagram the inspirational quotes by Keats," the actor spilled. "I think Cory would just Instagram pictures of his family, or his students, or a great book he's reading."

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