Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey Face Off in 'Clash of the Talk Show Titans'

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Two men, two moustaches, one competition! ET was there for the Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey talk show host showdown.

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The two daytime titans went at it in a series of competitions that will air on both their shows on Thursday, but while they both wanted to win, there won't be any hard feelings between them no matter the outcome.

"We looked at each other and said, 'Hey man, can you believe this? They're paying us to do this!'" Steve told ET with a laugh.

Their tasks included golf cart racing, tennis, putting and the advice challenge. During the advice challenge, each host had 60 seconds to answer a viewer's question.

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"Why do men flirt with the bitchy girls and want them instead of the nice girls?" one viewer asked.

"The guys that get in line for the town punch, you don't want that," Dr. Phil said. "You want the guy that sees through it, stands back and looks for quality."

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Watch the video to see who won the golf cart race and tune in to both shows tomorrow to see who wins overall.