Julia Roberts Reflects on Her First 'Late Show' Appearance: I Didn't Want to Come On


After 33 years of late-night hosting, David Letterman will soon be stepping down, and some of Dave's favorite guests and A-list friends have been stopping by for one last visit (and kiss) with the beloved Late Show host.

On Wednesday, Oscar winner Julia Roberts made her 26th appearance on Letterman, and she shared her memories of debut appearance on the iconic CBS show.

"The first time I was on this show was to promote Mystic Pizza, and I, as a fan of the show, did not want to come on because I had seen you absolutely dismember young actresses of my peer group," Roberts, 47, admitted to Letterman. "And I thought, 'I'm gonna go on and he's gonna know, within 10 seconds, what my I.Q. is, and [he] is going to, like a samurai, just Benihana me into pieces. And I'll be left for dead, and forgotten."

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Her memory appeared to bring up a sensitive subject that felt like it may have been on the host's mind as he quickly approaches his final episode on May 20.

"What do you supposed was wrong with me?" Letterman, 68, asked, with a poignant honesty. "Why would I behave that way?"

"You didn't behave that way to me," the Pretty Woman star said, smiling. "Thus the 26th appearance."

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"But why was it possible for you to have that perception?" Letterman pushed. "And I'm not arguing with you that that perception was false, but if I was doing that… why? What was the matter with me?"

Roberts' answer was simple, but cut to the core of the issue.

"Because, I think, stupid people annoy you," she said, laughing. It was clear from Letterman's hearty laugh and smile that this was probably the absolute truth.

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Keeping up with tradition, Roberts and Letterman shared one last kiss. The actress and host have made it a habit of smooching whenever Roberts is on the Late Show, and her final appearance was no exception. Letterman grabbed his friend’s face and planted one right on her mouth!


Letterman will say his final goodbye to the Late Show audience in a star-studded send-off next week. Here's an inside look into the host's upcoming grand finale.

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