Why 'Scream Queens' Is the Perfect Mix of 'Glee' and 'American Horror Story'


Judging by this promo, Scream Queens is going to be a, well, scream. The first (actual) preview for Ryan Murphy’s newest creation has a serial killer, some seriously killer fashion, and no shirtless Nick Jonas, but we’re willing to forgive that this time:

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It looks bonkers. Here’s how Murphy perfected his recipe for Scream Queens:

2 parts American Horror Story


Queens probably shares the most DNA with AHS, from the sorority house (the same house from Coven? Among other shared vibes), to the scares, to meaty parts for women Hollywood seems to have otherwise forgot about (we see you Jamie Lee Curtis, and we’re glad we do).

The show is similarly an anthology series that will reboot each season, though Murphy told ET it’s not in the same way AHS does. Our guess? Knowing one of the characters gets killed off every week, we bet the final girl -- or Final Girl -- will go on to star in season two.

1 part the star power of Glee


Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow played a singing substitute teacher? Or when Britney Spears played herself in a fever dream? Or whatever Britney Spears was doing in that one episode? Well, we're not at that level of stunt-casting, but pop superstar Ariana Grande as a college co-ed? Close enough!

Maybe we’ll get a musical number too -- Murphy gave us one on every season of AHS after the first. Then there’s the throwback to Glee that is Lea Michele, who is going to steal every single scene she’s in:


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A dash of the bitchery of Popular


We’re guaranteed plenty of one-liners absolutely dripping in disdain. Which we know Emma Roberts can deliver (see also: American Horror Story: Coven). Hopefully FOX lets the show push boundaries though, as one joke has already been neutered and the show hasn’t even aired yet: The sorority’s name isn’t Kappa Nu Theta anymore.


If you don’t understand the KNT joke, we’ll explain it to you when you’re older.

And season with the camp of the ill-fated The New Normal


Hey, boys!

And hopefully zero percent Nip/Tuck because that show went OFF THE RAILS.

Now, find out what secrets ET learned behind-the-scenes with Lea Michele and Ariana Grande:

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