Olivia Pope Takes Command: The 7 Most OMG Moments From the 'Scandal' Finale!


Did a Scandal finale just have a happy ending? Maybe, if you’re an Olitz shipper, less so if you’re a fan of Mellie, Cyrus, Huck, Papa Pope, or nearly anyone else. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a totally drama-free hour.

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Here are the biggest OMG moments from "You Can’t Take Command."

1. Mellie Makes a Deal With the Devil

The First Lady-turned-Senator starts the episode in a bad way, meeting with an "investor" who blackmails her into giving up the names of the jurors in the B613 case by threatening to reveal her affair with the vice president and her husband’s assorted presidential scandals. Even worse, Mellie (Bellamy Young) doesn’t know that the investor is actually Rowan "Papa" Pope (Joe Morton), the same man responsible for her son’s murder, and he has the same plan for all 16 jurors.

2. Daddy Issues

"It doesn’t matter where I go or what I do, I’m still trapped," Olivia (Kerry Washington) tells Jake (Scott Foley) in a rage over her father's actions. "I’m still his prisoner."

The two of them attempt to take out Papa Pope once and for all by informing the director of the CIA of the illegal, bloodsoaked dealings of B613 under his reign, but the plan backfires when it’s revealed that Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Rowan are pulling strings together behind the scenes. The Chief of Staff blackmails Attorney General David Rosen (Josh Malina) into forcing Olivia and Jake to recant, and her father wipes the rest of B613 off the board by murdering the remaining agents, destroying the evidence, and bribing Olivia's mother into denying the existence of the black ops organization.

Papa Pope even has the balls to call his daughter and gloat about it, thanking Olivia for setting him free.

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3. Eli Pope Gets What's Coming

Olivia's dastardly dad was right when he said that his position as Command of B613 had been erased, but that doesn’t mean his identity as Eli Pope is free from punishment. Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) clue Olivia onto the millions they stole from the secret organization, which she has traced back to her Pops, now masquerading as a "old doddering paleontologist," to have him thrown in jail for embezzlement.

"You were right," Olivia sneers at her dad as he sits behind bars, finally getting the upper hand. "We can’t take Command. But we can take Eli Pope."

4. What the Huck?

Quinn confronts Huck at the office, telling him she knows he carried out the juror murders for Rowan and questioning how he could work with Olivia’s father. He breaks down, telling her he didn’t want to do it, but had to to protect his "family." She admonishes him, telling him that he can never be with them, and the last we see of their confrontation is Quinn holding a gun to Huck’s head as he begs her to pull the trigger.

5. Changing of the Guard

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) interrupts Mellie and Cyrus’ celebration of her Senate victory in the Oval Office to tell him that he knows. Everything. He knows about the jurors, he knows that Cyrus had the CIA throw Olivia in jail, he knows that his most trusted advisor is working with the man who killed his son. After telling his wife to "get out of my house before I throw you out," he also sends his Chief of Staff packing with a pink slip, only to replace him with Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi), who clued him into to the dealings happening behind his back.

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6. "Olake" No More

Jake also leaves, telling Olivia when he drops her off at her apartment that "his mission is complete," with the destruction of B613 and her father in prison. He had been instructed by both Rowan and Fitz to keep her safe, he explains, but feels he crossed the line by falling in love with her when she still loves Fitz.

"You are owed, Olivia," he tells her in parting. "You want what’s yours? Go and take it."

7. Happily Ever After?

After Mellie leaves, Fitz goes to Olivia’s place, but leaves dejected when she doesn’t answer the door. Little does he know, she’s waiting for him on the White House balcony, a glass of wine in hand.

"What happens now?" he asks.

"Whatever we want," Olivia tells him, before the two share a kiss.

It sure looks like happy ever after, but if we know Shonda at all, they better enjoy it while it lasts!

Scandal returns Thursdays this fall on ABC.

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