George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman: 'You're Not Going Anywhere!'


The actor wasn't ready to say goodbye to the beloved late-night host.

George Clooney wasn't ready to say goodbye to David Letterman when he showed up on the Late Show Thursday.

The actor came equipped with handcuffs and before the host could start asking the usual questions about his marriage to Amal Alamuddin, Clooney cuffed him!

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"You're not going anywhere, David Letterman," the 54-year-old Oscar winner declared as he threw the keys to the handcuffs into the audience.

Never missing an opportunity for a joke, Letterman quipped, "George, is this something left over from the bachelor days?"

"It could make for an awkward evening," Clooney responded. "Or maybe not," Letterman chimed back.

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The Tommorrowland star's final Late Show appearance with Letterman took a serious turn when he commended the host for his time on the air.

"What you've meant to us with so many of the laughs, walking us through times that we didn't know what to do, like 911 when we weren't sure when we could laugh again," Clooney said. "You belong to us through the ages."

Lightening up the mood, Letterman then took a selfie with the star. "Look it! It's George and his grandfather," the host said of the selfie. 


Letterman's last Late Show airs May 20.