Tom Hanks Teaches David Letterman How to Use a Selfie Stick


The Oscar winner recommends Dave get the stick for his trip to "space camp."

As we near David Letterman's last Late Show, the beloved host has been snapping selfies with his famous friends, and on Monday, Tom Hanks took it to the next level.

During his appearance on the CBS show, the 58-year-old actor whipped out a selfie stick for his pic with Letterman.

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Hanks quipped that his wife Rita Wilson "announced when they first came out that we would never ever have a selfie stick in the house." However, now they are "all over Florence, which was the birthplace of the Renaissance."

The selfie apparatus came highly recommended by Hanks who snapped the pic high enough to hide the men's double chins. "In a couple of weeks when you head down to -- I'm just gonna guess what you're gonna be up to, two words -- Space Camp, take one of these bad boys with you," he encouraged the 68-year-old host.

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Letterman's last Late Show is Wednesday, May 20. Here's what you can expect: