Gordon Ramsay Called Someone an 'Idiot Sandwich' and It's the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Internet


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This is the Kitchen Nightmares moment of our dreams. Gordon Ramsay has called chefs “stupid cows,” “chunky monkeys,” “f**king donkeys,” and “d**k face,” and told countless others to “piss off.” But never before has he held two pieces of bread to someone’s face and made them call themselves an “idiot sandwich.”

It is sublime.

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It’s also from a parody. It’s not real. If the idiot sandwich herself looks familiar, it’s because that’s Julie Chen of Big Brother and The Talk fame. And it's from a sketch called Hell’s Cafeteria on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

It was also uploaded a month ago. Why did it take so long for us to find it?

Still, the Internet has been having a field day with it:

Even Nicki Minaj got in on it:

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Some have questioned the logic of the idiot sandwich:

Others have turned themselves into idiot sandwiches:

Truth be told, we’re all just idiot sandwiches.

Now, meet the woman who actually calls the shot in Chef Ramsay’s life: