Should Amy Schumer Be the Next 'Bachelorette'? (Answer: Yes Please!)

ABC exec extends an offer on Twitter after the popular comedian consulted on the reality dating show.

Amy Schumer’s appearance on The Bachelorette on Monday went so well, ABC may have (informally) offered her the role of honor on the next season of the show!

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"OK here is the official offer to @amyschumer to become #TheBachelorette," ABC Entertainment Senior VP of Alternative Series, Specials & Late Night Programming Robert Mills tweeted to the comedian on Tuesday. "Just say yes and we start tomorrow. #DraftAmy"

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In typical funny girl fashion, Schumer replied to the tweet with a photo of herself flying onstage in a harness, writing "Here I come! #bachelorette."

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Fans on Twitter were already on board with the choice after Schumer’s appearance last night:

And if you missed out on her memorable appearance, relive the magic again!

Schumer spoke to ET about filming her guest spot and the comedian admitted that she "really tried to help" the Bachelorette contestants, "but a lot of them straight up ignored our advice."

"There were a couple moments where I was like, 'What?'" Schumer said. "I don't know if that's funny or if I should be concerned."

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