Funny or Die Spoofs the Duggar Scandal, Hulu Pulls '19 Kids'

Funny Or Die

'With more kids than an NBA team, we were bound to have one troubled kid.'

Funny or Die didn’t pull any punches with their take on the Duggar scandal. In a video titled "The Duggars Respond to Sexual Abuse Scandal," two comedians dressed as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sit down to explain their take on In Touch magazine "Scooby Doo-ing around and bringing up all this pickle again."

"With more kids than an NBA team, we were bound to have one troubled kid," says Greg David Jones, donning a polo shirt and side part to play Duggar patriarch Jim Bob.

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The sketch’s writer and director Erin Gibson fluffs up her "split bang" to play wife Michelle, the self-described "baby factory for the Duggar family."

"When Josh was a teenager, he made a mistake," Gibson claims. "He mistaked two girls on their 'tutus.'"

"That’s what we call breasts," Jones clarifies.

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"Here’s the thing, some other girls did come forward, and some of them were our daughters. But honestly, if you asked me which one, I don’t know, the brunette with the curly hair?" Gibson fires, addressing the rumors that Josh’s younger sisters might be some of his minor victims. "We did the right thing and immediately waited three years before we called the authorities."

The two also mocked the family’s statements on the scandal.

"It has been terrible for us and Josh, but those are the only three people affected by these mistakes," Gibson concludes.

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Fallout from the scandal continues to affect the family’s hit TLC show, as Hulu announced on Thursday that they had pulled the episodes from their streaming service and were redirecting fans to the network’s website. As of May 28, clips of 19 Kids and Counting are still available to stream on the TLC website.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins told CNNMoney that the service followed TLC's lead in taking the show offline "for the time being."

"We're partners. We license the show from them," Hopkins said. "And of course, as you know, they took it off of their platforms, so we did the same."

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