Stephen Colbert Shaves His 'Colbeard' in First 'Late Show' Promo


Stephen Colbert is gearing up for his Late Show debut by shaving and tweeting.

"Good news: I still exist," the former Colbert Report host announced in a video posted on Wednesday night. While on hiatus, the 51-year-old comedian grew a lengthy beard -- or as he calls it, a "Colbeard" -- but decided to shave it all off for his new network show.

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While Colbert admits in the video that he's enjoyed being incognito, he declares, "Now that we’re gearing up for the beginning of The Late Show, I need to be more cognito."

He then quips, "Plus, CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck's mustache has a non-compete clause."

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This isn't your normal shave though. Colbert tries out a few looks before eventually revealing his clean-shaven face. "I'll miss you, old friend," he says to his beard trimmings. "But I'll never forget our time together."

While the beard had to go, the show's social networking sites had to be launched. You can now follow and like TheLate Show with Stephen Colbert on Twitter and Facebook.

How do you think Colbert will do as David Letterman's replacement?

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