Netflix Rescues 'Degrassi' After Cancellation! Here are 9 Shows We Want Saved!


On Tuesday, Netflix saved the long-running high school soap opera Degrassi from the brink of cancellation, announcing that new episodes would be appearing in 2016.

From The Mindy Project -- which got picked up by Hulu after getting axed by Fox -- or Community -- which was rescued by Yahoo when NBC pulled the plug -- some seriously great shows have been saved by streaming media companies.

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But not every show has been so lucky. This year, a number of TV programs got cancelled before they had a chance to prove themselves or cultivate a fan base.

So, riding high on the hope inspired by Netflix's rescue of Degrassi, here are nine (potentially) great shows we would love to see get brought back from oblivion to live again on the Internet.

NOTE: We're just talking about recently cancelled shows, so don't get mad that we aren’t suggesting Firefly or Freaks and Geeks, ect.

1. Benched: USA's courtroom comedy was sentenced to cancellation after only their first 12-episode season. The show was funny and the stars were great! With a little more time, this could have become a celebrated series.

2. Constantine: NBC decided not to renew the show about a demon-hunting con man fighting against the forces of violent, mystical evil. After the show was cut, the producers shopped it around, looking for another home to no avail, but sadly it wasn't picked up. One can always dream though.

3. Selfie: Only seven episodes of Selfie aired, with the season's remaining episodes released online. Sure the show suffered from a title with a limited shelf life, but who doesn't want to see John Cho and Karen Gillan's sitcom banter?

4. Forever: This story about an immortal New York City medical examiner managed to survive for a whole season, but ABC chose not to renew it. It's a shame, because Ioan Gruffudd was a captivating leading man, and the show had many more mysteries it could have explored.

5. Battle Creek: This mismatched buddy cop dramedy starred Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters -- both awesome -- and was created by David Shore (creator of NYPD Blue and House) and Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad). However, it didn't resonate with audiences and was cancelled after 13 episodes. But with all that creative power, who knows what could be accomplished with more time and episodes?!

6. Weird Loners: This show didn't have a great start or great reviews. But it did have a wonderfully charming and funny cast. You know what else didn't have great reviews when it started? Parks and Recreation, which went on to be one of the most acclaimed sitcoms in recent memory.

7. Backstrom: Rainn Wilson needs to be in more things, because he was really good in this. So, you know, let The Office star expand his acting abilities. Basically, we just really like Rainn Wilson.

8. A to Z: This show didn't hit home with a lot of people, but it was a sweet, goodhearted story that had potential and room to grow. Also, every episode started with a letter from the alphabet, such as "A is for Acquaintances" or "B is for Big Glory." It ended on "M is for Meant to Be." It should at least get the chance to end on "Z is for Zany Misunderstandings."

9. Marry Me: Ken Marino is awesome. Casey Wilson is also awesome. Please, someone, let them be awesome in this some more. Or, how about this? Why doesn't someone make a whole new show and just cast them as the leads? Or, cast them in the leads of ALL new shows? Again, they are awesome.

What show would you like to see come back on a streaming service?

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