'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Finale: Did [Spoiler] Really Just Die?! Relive the Most Insane Moments!


WARNING: We're about to recap
Game Of Throne's season five finale -- aka the most jaw-dropping episode we've ever seen! If you do not wish to be spoiled, hop on the nearest dragon and fly away. For everyone else, read on…

Once again, Game of Thrones gave us a finale that was jam-packed with suspense, heartache, and extreme rage as we now have to wait an entire year for the answers to our most burning questions.

Did Sansa survive her leap of faith at Winterfell? What the hell happened to Arya's eyes? Will Cersei get her revenge? And Is Jon Snow really dead?!

The GoT season five finale proved to be one hour and 12 minutes of pure, heart-pounding craziness, and we're here to recap it all and commiserate with you in the comments!

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Castle Black:
With Jon Snow safely back on the right side of The Wall, he recalled his vacation from hell with the wildlings and the white walkers to Sam. Jon's BFF then confessed that he wanted to leave Castle Black with Gilly and little Sam, so that he could provide safety for his little family and travel to the The Citadel to study to become a Maester. Jon reluctantly allowed his best friend to leave, and he resumed his title as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and "the most hated man in Castle Black."

At the very end of the episode, Olly -- the vengeful little boy whose family was killed by wildlings -- lead Jon into a deadly, mutinous trap. The brothers of the Night's Watch, surrounded Jon and each took turns stabbing him in the stomach with their swords. He fell backwards into the snow with wide, lifeless eyes and massive amounts of blood pouring out of him. Although we're devastated to say it, it looks like Jon Snow is dead.

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After Stannis Baratheon's twisted and cruel decision to burn his young daughter alive, he awoke to find that nearly half of his army deserted his camp. To make matters even worse for the power-hungry wannabe King, Stannis' wife hung herself from a tree in the woods near camp. Despite these emotional and militia setbacks, Stannis and his itty-bitty army marched on to face the Boltons and attempt to seize Winterfell.

In one of the quickest battles in Game of Thrones' history, Ramsy Bolton and his vast army happily slaughtered all of Stannis' men just outside the walls of Winterfell. As for Stannis himself? Brienne of Tarth was finally able to avenger the death of King Renly Baratheon and confirm her theories that Stannis killed her master with a blood magic shadow.

Meanwhile inside the walls of Winterfell, Sansa escaped her bedroom of torture and struggled to find a way out of the castle before Ramsy returned from battle. It seemed like all was lost when Theon and Myranda -- Ramsy's twisted side-chick -- confronted Sansa, but then Theon took the moment to prove that he still has a spine. He shoved Myranda off a ledge to her death, grabbed Sansa's hand, and together they jumped off the high walls of Winterfell to escape Ramsy.


King's Landing:
After enduring daily tortures, and months of being locked away in an that filthy cellar, Cersei Lannister, finally agreed to "confess" her sins to the High Sparrow. The Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, admitted to sins of adultery during her marriage to King Robert Baratheon, but only named Lancel Lannister, her cousin, as her lover. Cersei firmly denied the incest rumors with Jaime.

The High Sparrow agreed to let Cersei return to her home within the royal walls of King's Landing, but first she needed to publicly "atone" her sins. The Sparrows cut off all of Cersei long, strawberry-blonde locks and made her strip down to walk through the streets of King's Landing naked.

As Cersei made the long journey home, the people screamed obscenities, covered her in fifth, and delighted in the fact that their former queen was being publicly humiliated and shamed. Once inside the walls of the castle, we saw that Cersei's spirit had not been entirely broken. Her famously icy glare returned to her eyes and her next plan for revenge was surely being hatched.


With Daenerys still M.I.A., we discovered that Tyrion, Daario, Jorah, and Missandei all safely escaped the mutinous attacks at the fighting pits. Both Darrio and Jorah decided to set out together to find their lady love and safely retrieve her from her unknown destination. Tyrion and Grey Worm were left behind to govern Mereen in lieu of Khaleesi's absence. At the end of the hour, Tryion discovered that Varys had safely made the journey to Meereen as well.

Just as Myrcella Lannister was about to board the ship to King's Landing with her uncle/dad Jaime and her beloved betrothed, Ellaria Sand apologized for trying to kill her. Ellaria wished her well and gave her very long, and seemingly harmless kiss on the lips. Unfortunately, once they were far away from shore and Jaime and Myrcella were sharing a sweet moment of family tree truth-telling, blood began pouring our of Myrcella's nose. Ellaria successfully completed her mission for revenge and killed the young girl, which brought the official Lannister child count down to one.

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Welp, she did it. After years of whispering her kill-list to herself, Arya used her newfound face-changing voodoo to successfully murder the man at the top of her list: Meryn Trant. But once she returned back to the temple of the Many-Faced God, Jaquen H'gar was not pleased with the fact that she deviated from her mission. As a punishment for insubordination, Arya's eye sight was taken from her.

And lastly, somewhere in the lush green hills of Westeros, we found Daeny and her exhausted, fresh-from-battle dragon. As Drogon slept, Khaleesi stepped away to get her bearings. All of the sudden a huge swarm of Dothraki on horseback appeared and began circling around her. Daeny discretely dropped her wedding ring to Drogo on the ground and waited to see if the Dothraki were happy or infuriated to see her.

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