Why 'Scream Queens' Is To Die For: 7 Answers to the Internet's Most Popular Questions!


Discover which actress is the ultimate scene-stealer and who is about to be turned into the most GIF-ed star on the Internet!

Welcome back, Kappa pledges!

We've already gifted you with the exclusive first look at the killer cast photos, but now it's time to dive a bit deeper into why Scream Queens is TV's next huge hit.

ETonline scoured the Internet and collected the top seven questions fans are asking about Ryan Murphy's newest series, and we're answering with everything you need to know—without giving too much away. (We want you to be just as surprised and delighted as we were!)

Read on to discover which actress is the ultimate scene-stealer, who is about to be turned into the most GIF-ed star on the Internet, and why Scream Queens is not just another season of American Horror Story.

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1. Is it funny or scary?
We cannot stress this enough: It's the perfect blend of both -- it's a thrilledy! (FYI, we're totally getting a copyright on that new TV term.) Let's put it this way: Even when someone is getting brutally stabbed to death, you'll still be laughing your asses off.

2. But seriously, is it gory? How much blood is there?

We don’t know about you, but we love horror gore, and since Scream Queens is currently sitting upon a network throne, we were worried that their bloody-good murders would be covered up by an FCC Band-Aid. Luckily, there's enough blood to keep it interesting and scream-worthy, but not enough to where you'll lose your lunch.

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3. Which actress is going to be GIF-ed the most?
Is that even a question? That crown undoubtedly belongs to Emma effin' Roberts, of course! Don't act like you don't remember the blonde beauty's nearly Internet-breaking meme from American Horror Story: Coven when she scared the sh*t out of Supreme Jessica Lange!

For all those looking to continue the Coven comparisons, you should know that Roberts' new role as Chanel Oberlin has almost triple the verbal venom as Madison Montgomery. Plus, when you add in Chanel's lightning-speed insults and hilarious one-breath monologue rants, you can bet that Roberts will break the Internet as the most-quoted pop culture queen after just one episode. (You'd better watch your back, Regina George!)

4. Which actor/actress surprised you the most in it?
Hands down, that title belongs to Lea Michele as the neckbrace-bound nerd Hester. Glee's former queen-bee promised ET back in March that this new role would be nothing like Rachel Berry, and she was most certainly telling the truth. Michele -- who barely says more than six words in the entire first hour! -- is an undeniable scene stealer as the overly-knowledgeable Kappa pledge who doesn’t let Chanel's intensity stifle her enthusiasm to support her sisters.

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5. Is it basically American Horror Story: Sorority House? Or how is it different?
First of all, we would totally watch AHS: Sorority House, but trust us when we tell you that Scream Queens is so much better than that hypothetical comparison. When you sign up to watch a season of American Horror Story, you know that your main entrée will be thrills and chills, and maybe (depending on the theme) you'll get a serving or two of laughs on the side.

The astonishing thing about Scream Queens' storyline is that the comedy and horror are equally blended together. Think of it like a delicious milkshake, with a healthy heaping of comedic ice cream and chocolate syrupy screams.

So if you're already a fan of the American Horror Story anthology franchise, then Scream Queens is going to be your lighter sweet-tooth treat. And if you're not already into the nightmare-inducing world of AHS, then this is going to be your perfect introduction to all of the adrenaline-pumping fun that comes with a killer thriller.

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6. Whose wardrobe are you most jealous over?
Hmmm… that's a hard one because Hester's windbreaker and neckbrace combo is about to be all the rage on Halloween, but we'll have to give all the fashion props to Chanel. Her massive designer-packed closet alone is enough of a reason to tune into the series, but when you add in the fact that she has three perfectly pastel-ized Chanel minions to help her get ready in the morning, you'll want to scream with envy.

7. And how shirtless is Nick Jonas in it?
Unfortunately in the first hour, you don't get to see Jonas' hot shirtless bod. (Sigh…) However, what you do get to see is far better! Jonas plays Boone, the douchey FBBF (frat boy best friend, duh!) of Chanel's college sweetheart, Chad (Glen Powell) and he is straight-up comedic gold. We're honestly having trouble putting his level of awesomeness into words, so just consider his part in the series to be your billionth reason why you need to tune in. And plus, he'll be plenty shirtless later…

Scream Queens premieres Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox with a special two-hour episode.

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