This Trailer For 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' Is Amazing - But Totally Fake!


There's a new -- and beyond amazing! -- trailer out for the highly anticipated TV adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, but there's only one problem: Netflix had nothing to do with it.

The subscription-streaming powerhouse delighted Baudelaire fans everywhere last fall when they announced their plans to produce an original series based on the best-selling book franchise, so when "An Unfortunate Trailer" was posted to YouTube on Sunday, viewers hoped this was their first official sneak peek.

The unauthorized, yet incredibly well-crafted teaser was created by the YouTube account "Eleanora Poe" -- a code name nod to one of the characters in the book series -- and has already garnered nearly 900,000 views.

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In addition to many delightfully creepy scenes (Who else cringed when that spider was squished?!), the fan-created trailer features a goosebumps-inducing excerpt of the song "Missed Me" by the Dresden Dolls, a Boston-based "punk cabaret" duo.

As of now it is unclear whether Netflix will ask "Eleanora Poe" to remove the clip from YouTube. "This was not released from Netflix and not anything official," a rep said to Variety. Netflix, which will produce the original series in association with Paramount Pictures, has not yet disclosed an expected premiere date.

We hope this fan-ignited frenzy will light a fire under Netflix to give Lemony Snicket fans a taste of the real trailer very soon.

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