'The Bachelorette': Things Get Incredibly Tense Between Shawn Booth & Nick Viall


Kaitlyn Bristowe has had a bit of a rough time as the Bachelorette this season. After having sex with Nick Viall and accidentally posting a potentially spoiler-filled Snapchat, Kaitlyn had to have one of the most awkward conversations of all time on Monday's episode.

As previewed before the episode, Kaitlyn sat down with Shawn Booth, one of the contestants she's gotten close with -- at one point telling him he was "the one" -- to reveal to him that she slept with Nick, Shawn's mortal enemy.

The tension was palpable and the irony of the audience knowing her secret while Shawn didn't was painful and yet oddly amusing -- especially when Shawn said "Kaitlyn's an absolutely amazing girl and every time I see her I fall harder and harder for her."

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Sitting down with Shawn, his love-struck face made the whole conversation so much sadder. When Kaitlyn told him she has something to say, he responded with the sweetest "You can say whatever you need to say." Which is when Kaitlyn dropped her bombshell: "I just know that I want to be honest with you and I know that your biggest thing is trust… I had that one-on-one date with Nick. That night, we went back to my place and I just feel like it went too far. It's hard for me to admit it, but we had sex."

Then there was over a minute of silence and nodding as Shawn tried to process and come to terms with what he was hearing. After stepping away to collect himself and his thoughts, a hurt but resolute Shawn returned, more determined than ever.

"Am I upset about it? Yeah… [but] at the end of the day, I'm here for you and you're the only thing I want out of this," Shawn told Kaitlyn with pain in his voice. "So I'm just gonna man up and deal with it and fight through it and get past it. And then move on to tomorrow, and that's what I want to do."

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Kaitlyn asked Shawn if he was mad, which Shawn answered honestly, "Obviously I am, but what am I gonna do? Storm out of here?" At least he's able to keep a level head about the whole thing.

But just when we all thought that might be the most uncomfortable the episode would get, things began to spiral towards even more awkwardness -- starting with the rose ceremony.

Shawn was the first one to get a rose from Kaitlyn, but before accepting it, he grilled her on how she really felt about him.

As regretful as she was for sleeping with Nick, Kaitlyn realized it was time to get real with Shawn: "Telling you that you were the one, halfway through, was a mistake… I'm here to explore other relationships."

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"I love that you care so much, but you need to let me figure out things for myself," Kaitlyn told Shawn. "You have to trust me, and I just don't think you do."

Despite this, Kailyn still bestowed upon Shawn one of the coveted roses, before remembering that Ben existed and giving one to him as well.

The final choice was between Nick and Jared. (Contestant Joe Bailey left earlier in the episode during a three-on-one date when Kaitlyn wouldn't say she loved him. Sorry, Joe.)

Despite Shawn's protest, Kaitlyn ended up giving the rose to Nick, sending the super-sweet Jared home in tears, and bringing Shawn to a whole new level of jealousy. Which wasn't in any way abated when Kaitlyn and Nick went on a private date around Ireland and ended up spending the night in the Fantasy Suite, where they almost definitely slept together again. (Nick described it as "the best date I've ever been on -- ever.")

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Things came to a head when Shawn confronted Nick.

"I don’t think you're here just for Kaitlyn, I think you're trying to change your image from last year," Shawn said, adding that every single person he's talked to had negative things to say about Nick.

Needless to say, the profanity-filled sit-down was tense. While things didn't come to blows between the two men just yet, it seemed like the pressure is going to be on for Nick and Shawn in the coming episode. Also, Ben's still around, apparently.

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