Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln's Bromance Heats Up in 'Walking Dead'

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The Walking Dead stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln got handsy for a photo spread in Entertainment Weekly, and ET found out more about their bromance from EW executive editor-at-large Dalton Ross.

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"It was really interesting getting that shot," Ross told ET. "At one point Andrew Lincoln starting laughing and said, 'Norman, stop it.'... Norm was trying to hold his hand behind Melissa McBride's back. They turned the photo around from the back and they grab each other's butts. It really is a cool shot, because those guys are such friends on set."

The Walking Dead doesn't return to AMC until October, but ET is sharing three things that you absolutely need to know for the upcoming season.

Firstly, a civil war is likely to break out in the new safe haven.

"We've come to a place where we can live in public or live with the community and us having inner turmoil trying to discuss whether that's possible or not," Reedus told ET.

Rick Grimes' (Lincoln) power position is threatened, and of course, there are more zombies.

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"One day alone on the premiere they had 300 zombies, which is 100 more than their biggest day ever," Ross said.

"There are more walkers than we ever faced," Lincoln said. "I think episode one is something people are not going to expect."

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