Joshua Jackson Wants 'Dawson's Creek' Reruns Off the Air Before He Has Kids

The actor explained that would be 'hard to have any authority in my own household' if his kids ever saw him on the show.

Joshua Jackson is earning rave reviews for his performance on the Showtime series The Affair, but it's his role as Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek that will forever hold his fans’ hearts.

ET caught up with Jackson at the Television Critics Association Tour in Beverly Hills on Monday, where he joked about how reruns of the classic teen-soap have impacted his adult-life.

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"I have noticed friends of mine's children, like teen and preteen children, suddenly being like, 'Oh! You're an actor! That's what you do for a living!' Yeah, it lives forever," Jackson said. "I'm glad all my awkward teen years are preserved for all time."

Jackson and his longtime love Diane Kruger don't have any kids, but if that changes, he hopes they never learn of his Dawson's Creek days.

"I hope by the time I have children who are of the age that they can watch it, that that show is off the air," Jackson joked. "It's going to be very hard to have any authority in my own household if that's on the air."

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