Troian Bellisario Is Back on 'Suits'! The 'PLL' Star and Patrick J. Adams on What We Can Expect From Her Big R

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This couple is co-starring once again for an exciting episode!

Pretty Little Liars
star Troian Bellisario
returns to USA's Suits as Claire – and she’s the one person who could unravel Mike's (Patrick J. Adams) entire career.

"There's the immediate danger of, 'Is this person going to now turn me in?'" Bellisario told ETonline of Mike's fears. "The last time we met Claire we knew how much her job was important to her. Even though she had feelings for him pretty much off the bat, she really couldn't move forward because she couldn't take what he was lying about. She's an incredibly moral person. Now that we see her out in the world again with a lot more power, she could really do a lot of damage for Mike."

Claire is now working her own cases and will be the opposing counsel for Mike in his first case as a partner at Pearson Specter Litt.

When we first saw Claire in season four, she was working as an intern at a legal clinic while Mike was still a bike messenger, lying to her when he told her he was a student at Columbia. But when he helped her on a case, it was revealed that he wasn't. As a result, she didn't continue their romantic relationship.

In real life, Bellisario and Adams are as in love as ever! In fact, the two have been happily engaged for a year and when she spoke to ETonline about Claire being on equal footing with Adams' character Mike, Adams – who happened to sit next to her during the phone chat – was quick to jump in.

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"She's a very unique character, because she absolutely, 100%, tells the truth to Mike," Adams explained. "She really comes in and lays it down, and Mike listens to her. Obviously there's a lot of attraction there."

But what about Mike's on-screen love and fiancee Rachel (Meghan Markle)?

"In this episode, we really focus on the threat [Claire] serves to Mike rather than any sort of sexual tension. At this point, Mike and Rachel are in it to win it," he shared. "When we first saw Claire coming back, I thought 'Oh another love triangle,' but I think it's great they did not do that and they didn't use another woman character to create another love dynamic on the show. They used her to move the story forward."

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"Having your real fiancee with your fake fiancee on set is just fun and hilarious," he admitted, but was quick to point out that he couldn't be happier that Bellisario is back on Suits.

"We spend so much time apart during the year so to see her hanging out in my trailer is pretty wonderful," Adams said.

But Claire isn't the only familiar face returning to the show.

"We're going to see some old faces coming back, old enemies that are going to gather to try and undo the firm and Harvey. We're going to see Harvey go down his path of self-discovery," Adams teased. "There is some really good flashback material coming up that we just finished shooting, one of the bravest, boldest flashback situations that we've had."

Don't miss Bellisario and Adams together on Suits on Wednesday at 9 p.m PT/ET on USA Network.

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