Gross! Michelle Rodriguez Eats a Mouse Boiled in Her Own Urine

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TV sure has gotten weird, you guys.

Sure, in the "old" days you had people eating horrifyingly disgusting things for money on Fear Factor, but those were no-name randos who really needed the money. The most famous person on that show was Joe Rogan, and he was the host -- who, by the way, didn't eat the disgusting challenges because they're so obviously gross.

But earlier this week, actress Michelle Rodriguez -- who starred in one of the highest-grossing movies of all time earlier this year, by the way -- appeared with survivalist Bear Grylls on his show Running Wild.

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Hungry, tired, and stuck in the Nevada desert -- all by choice, mind you, and that's important to remember -- Michelle and Bear were forced to eat a dead mouse that Bear turned into a stew by cooking it in a cup of Michelle's urine.

Yeah, that’s a thing that happened. There is so much gut-wrenching horror in this clip it's almost impossible to believe the whole thing wasn't some gross Saturday Night Live parody of survival shows.

Michelle summed the whole thing up the best when she told Bear, "AAAHHH!! You're disgusting! I can't believe you'd do this! My god."

Then, inexplicably, she ate some of it too! She manages to take a bite out of a tiny mouse as a 41-year-old man who chooses to go by the name Bear explains to her, "Eat the bones! The bone is the good bit."

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After the horror unfolds, Bear addresses the audience saying, "There have been a couple of situations over the years where I had to drink my own urine."

"You know, in a survival situation," Bear added, in case we thought he just did it for fun sometimes. "But there's something about drinking somebody else's. I've finally found the thing that's broken me -- a mouse and somebody else's urine, stewed."

Yeah, Bear, obviously. The rest of us didn't need to eat mouse urine stew to know that it would be the worst thing ever.

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