EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Stewart Asks the 'Blunt Talk' Team to Google 'Ruptured Testicles' - Find Out Why!

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Patrick Stewart
is getting blunt on his new TV show!

Blunt Talk
follows British newscaster Walter Blunt (Stewart), who relocates to Los Angeles to reinvent American cable news. But after a drunken Blunt gets caught in a compromising position with a transgender prostitute and kicks a police officer in the groin, he is forced to face his team and come to terms with the fact that his show is on the verge of cancellation.

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In this scene from the premiere, which ETonline exclusively debuts, Blunt tells the team that there is one thing he could do to keep the show afloat: see a shrink, which he clearly isn’t OK with.

“They think my frontal lobes are shot, which is ludicrous! I mean, only yesterday I did the Times crossword puzzle – and it was a Thursday,” Blunt tries to justify.

But there’s another issue Blunt may need to address – and it has nothing to do with the show.

The police officer he drunkenly injured while on his binge? Turns out, he has “ruptured testicles.” Say … what?!

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When a team member suggests that rupturing a testicle may be like “cracking an egg because eggs are quite like testicles” – huh?! – that’s when Blunt pulls rank and gives them all a new assignment: “Google ‘ruptured testicles’!”

The world apparently needs to know.

Stewart recently spoke to ETonline about the scenes he wasn’t expecting to do on Blunt Talk.

“I had not expected to be snorting cocaine – something I had to have instruction in,” he said. “We had a teacher on the set – I can’t tell you who it was – but that was very helpful. I got to play my first post-coital bedroom scene in Blunt Talk and I’ve never played one before.”

Blunt Talk
debuts Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.