EXCLUSIVE: Season 2 of Critically-Acclaimed LGBT Webseries 'EastSiders' Looks 'F***ing Amazing'


The webseries' second season premieres exclusively on Vimeo on September 15.

The critically-acclaimed LGBT webseries, EastSiders, is returning for its second season, and from the looks of it, things are "f***ing amazing."

In this exclusive clip, Cal (series creator Kit Williamson) is showing his photography at the gallery where he works, supported by his sister Hillary (Brianna Brown), boyfriend Thom (Val Hansis), and his mother Val (Traci Lords).

"Your work has just come such a long way," Val gushes to Cal in the clip. "I mean, I’ve always loved it. I paid out the ass for that art school you went to, after all. But this, this could really become something -- like a job."

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Williamson said the second season of the show, which centers around Cal and Thom keeping their relationship together in the aftermath of infidelity, will focus on delving deeper as the couple explores opening things up sexually.

"I wanted to break open the love triangle," explained the former Mad Men star who also writes and directs, "jealousy is only interesting to a point. What happens when it’s removed from the equation? There are so many different ways human beings connect with each other, and there is no one way that is right for everybody. The show explores many different kinds of relationships, from ex-boyfriends getting back together, to friends starting a new relationship, to a lesbian couple with two kids finally getting married."

While the second season is reportedly even funnier than the first, Williamson said it will also tackle darker issues, such as infidelity, STDs, and heartbreak.

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"How did you get time off working with inner-city kids to be here tonight?" Val asks Hillary in the clip. "I’m so proud of you, but you’re so skinny. I wanna march you right next door and make you eat a burrito."

"And then there’s you," she scowls at Thom. "I’m still mad at you."

The dark comedy webseries, which also stars Fresh Off the Boat’s Constance Wu and Happy Endings’ Stephen Guarino, returns Tuesday to Vimeo On Demand.

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"I’m afraid your father couldn’t make it tonight, big surprise, but I’m sure he’s here in spirit," Val tells Cal in the clip. "I hope his spirit can see how f***ng amazing I look. I do look f***ing amazing, don’t I?"

"Oh you look f***ing amazing, Val," Thom answers, earning her forgiveness.

Season 2 of EastSiders premieres Sept. 15, exclusively on Vimeo On Demand.

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