Jimmy Fallon and Lionel Richie Hilariously Break Character During Parody of '80s Hit 'Hello'


At least they tried!

Jimmy Fallon
went back to the ‘80s with Lionel Richie – or did he?

The Tonight Show
host donned his best fro wig on Friday’s episode, where he and the 66-year-old singer performed a haunting rendition of Richie’s classic 1984 ballad, “Hello.”

Singing while painting an impressive portrait of Richie, Fallon – dressed to the nines in a metallic silver jacket – then engaged in an emotional duet with Richie, whose head “rested” atop the table.

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They even incorporated cheesy ‘80s effects to really drive home the emotion!

But once Fallon made his way over to sing to Richie’s head –
yes, that happens! – that’s when the two broke character and showed us just how
difficult it truly is to maintain a straight face while performing a rather
serious song.

The audience’s laughs surely didn’t help!

And just as the song ended, Richie’s head is replaced by a clay model. Trippy.

Jimmy Fallon’s had a busy week on The Tonight Show, going head to head with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting for an adorable round of “Pup Quiz” – and the Big Bang Theory star nearly died over the cuteness!