Kenan and Kel Reunite for This Amazing 'Good Burger' Sketch on 'Tonight Show'

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Who loves a Good Burger reunion? We love a Good Burger reunion!

star Kenan Thompson reunited with his All That cohort Kel Mitchell on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, throwing it back to the skit the Nickelodeon teen comedy duo performed on the ensemble sketch show, before breaking off to their own series, Kenan and Kel, in 1996.

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The sketch began with Fallon "recalling" his younger years working at a fast food establishment. When a displeased customer asked for a manager, out walked Mitchell as "Ed," his belovedly clueless character. The audience went nuts at the reveal, and grew even louder as the comedian uttered his famous line "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

Mitchell as Ed bumbled his way through a few customers’ orders before reuniting with another former All That character, Lester Oaks, Construction Worker, played by Thompson, marking the first time the comedy duo had played their respective characters since the Nickelodeon show’s reunion special back in 2005.

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Ed took Lester’s order of a Good Burger and fries just fine, but got confused when Lester ordered a shake, jumping over the counter and physically jiggling him around.

"I was asking for a thick, milky beverage, not for you to shakify my insides, ya silly goose man!" Thompson exclaimed through a fit of giggles.

If working at the Good Burger doesn’t pan out, Mitchell’s character might have a future in music, as he led the audience in a rendition of "the best, catchiest song of all time," impressing The Roots’ MC Black Thought with Ed’s beloved tune, "I’m a Dude."

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Mitchell and Thompson stayed in character backstage, sharing their Good Burger stories -- the sketch was also turned into a feature-length film in 1997 -- and swapping accents in a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip.

Mitchell recently returned to Nick as a star of the new show Game Shakers, and Thompson will return for his 13th season of SNL this fall.

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