50 Cent Fires Back at 'Empire' Premiere Diss: 'Me and Cookie Go Way Back'

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wasted no time continuing their beef with rapper 50 Cent in their season two premiere, and now the rapper is firing back.

"50 Cent’s still taking jabs at us," Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) mused to her youngest son Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) in the show’s return on Wednesday. "Look what he put out on the ‘Gram, thirsty ass."

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The rapper did, in fact, use "the 'Gram" to fire back at the show on Thursday, posting a video from the studio to share his thoughts on the jab.

"I can’t believe Cookie would say some s*** like that about me," the 40-year-old  said in an Instagram video. "Thirsty, me? Thirsty? Come on. You stupid?"

And 50 didn’t stop there, hinting that he and Henson’s character had something of a sordid past.

"Me and Cookie go way back," he said in the video. "You know, I hit that."

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The rapper also used a screenshot of his Starz show Power, which read, "F*ck Empire, Tell ‘em we said," to take another swing at the show.

"Get outta here with that PG13 bullsh!t." the rapper wrote. "LOL."

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The beef started last year when the rapper accused Fox’s hip-hop hit of copying the marketing for the second season of his Starz show in an Instagram post that he later deleted. But there’s no bad blood from Empire star Taraji P. Henson.

"50 Cent is a comedian," she told The Wrap in January. "He loves to push buttons. He’s a funny guy. I never took offense to it."

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