OMG T.G.I.T.! The Biggest, Jaw-Dropping Moments From 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal' and 'HTGAWM' Premieres


OMG T.G.I.T.! Shonda Rhimes’ block of ABC dramas returned on Thursday night, bringing back all the drama we’ve missed over the summer, and then some! From an emotional return to Grey’s Anatomy, to a failed fairytale on Scandal, to about seven different jaw-dropping moments on How to Get Away With Murder, our favorite dramas are back in a big way.

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Here’s a look at the biggest OMG moments from Thursday’s T.G.I.T.


The hospital drama returned to its roots for the premiere of its 12th season (without McDreamy -- R.I.P.!), bringing a heartfelt story-of-the-week plus plenty of doctor-on-doctor drama. While Callie and Maggie got into it with a bigoted mother, new roommates Meredith and Amelia were literally tearing down walls as they tried to adjust to becoming a new family unit, and Jackson and April finally reunited in a mostly bitter moment in the on-call room.

But the OMG moment that fans have been hoping for finally came in the episode’s final moments. Despite being outshined by a prospective outside hire, Miranda Bailey took her case for Chief of Surgery down to the wire, pleading her case from the operating room.

And it paid off. Bailey’s husband put it best as the two surveyed the hospital in a sweet Lion King-inspired moment after a hard day: "Everything the light touches is yours."


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Alas, the "Olitz" bliss from last season’s finale couldn’t last too long, as Olivia and her team were thrust back into the spotlight, attempting to "handle" a Princess Diana-like car crash case and learning that fairy tales aren’t always what they seem. The two couldn't seem to get on the same page all episode -- as Fitz is serving Mellie with divorce papers, Olivia seems to be panicking -- picking fights, lying to Abby, and turning her back on an unraveling Huck.

The pair finally reconnected at episode’s end, agreeing to continue keeping things quiet until they were ready to face the spotlight. But the Washington news media waits for no one, and the episode ended with former VP-turned-pundit Sally Langston announcing to the world that the couple’s affair was about to go very public.


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The newest T.G.I.T. drama picked up where last season left off, with Annalise Keating (Emmy winner Viola Davis) and her team of law students trying to piece together who killed Wes’ girlfriend Rebecca in the aftermath of the Lila Stangard case. While all signs pointed to a moody, despondent Wes, Annalise was able to piece together the real killer (Bonnie!) while also recruiting her ex-girlfriend (and potential rekindled flame) to take on Nate Lahey’s murder case. Plus, Connor moved in with Oliver, the new prosecutor’s got something big on Asher, and Mikayla is still texting the mysterious "Eggs 911."

All that, however, wasn’t even enough OMG for HTGAWM, as the show flashed forward, giving viewers a glimpse of the season’s big mystery. How did Annalise end up bloodied in the mansion of their mysterious case-of-the-week? And what was Wes doing fleeing the scene? WHAT IS GOING ON?


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