Jimmy Kimmel Wraps Up 'Mean Tweets' Week With George Clooney, Halle Berry

A-list stars fired back at social media haters on the late-night show.

This week, Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to his popular "Mean Tweets" segment by having a new group of tweets and celebs every night, and he saved the best for last!

A-listers including George Clooney and Halle Berry took took the Mean Tweet stage on Thursday, reading aloud hilarious social media sneers aimed at them. 

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"Halle Berry’s boobs are lopsided," the Extant star read, before firing back, "Well, that’s what happens when they’re real!"

Clooney seemed genuinely perplexed by his callout.

"Hey George Clooney, your haircut sucks," the actor and director read with a Grumpy Cat frown. "Oh and so does your sense of humor. I'm on you all night f***boy."

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Naomi Watts didn’t have much of a response to a tweet that read, "Not to sound mean but Naomi Watts has such a blah face. I look at it and it's just nothing-- a blank space where features should be."

And Pawn star Tobey Maguire’s mean message wasn’t so much mean, as it was...interesting.

"Conspiracy theory: Tobey Maguire is just a hamster in a robot," the actor read. Not to worry, he had an easy way to refute it: "Not me though, because it's spelled differently."

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