Paula Deen Tears Up Over Grandsons Backstage at 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Dancing With the Stars contestant Paula Deen teared up backstage while talking to ET about her grandsons, who joined her on stage Monday night.

"It doesn't get any better than that," Paula said, recalling the moment her tiny grandsons rushed the stage. "I've got five grandsons, and they're so adorable. And I've been away from all of them for a month. What can I say?"

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Paula's samba with pro partner Louis van Amstel on Monday night's episode earned her a combined score of 20, which put her dead last, but Louis had some encouraging words for the celebrity chef.

"I want Paula to improve each week, that she walks out of this show stronger and happier, and not having to put on a face for any reason other than just being truly happy," Louis said. "I love you, Paula Deen."

"I love you too, Louis," Paula said, wiping away tears. "Tears are coming out of my mouth!"

DWTS has a way of reducing even the toughest stars to tears, and Paula explained why.

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"It brings out all kinds of emotions in you, and I think that's the power of music," Paula said. "Music can take you to many places ... and Louis has made me talk about some things that I carry around but I don't talk about."

We found out about one topic Paula clearly doesn't focus on very often -- Kanye West and his proposed presidential bid.

"Tell me one more time who that is," Paula inquired when asked if she would vote for the GRAMMY winner.

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After refreshing her memory, Paula gave a measured response.

"I don't think he has enough political experience," Paula said earnestly.

Then, taking a hint from Louis, she gave a comedic answer.

"Oh! That was a silly question! Well, of course I'd vote for him!" Paula joked. "Now there's a silly answer!"

Should Paula survive elimination and continue on the show, she has a secret weapon -- fattening up her contestants with her delicious recipes. We saw the strategy in action when she offered nuts that she was munching on to our ETonline camera operator.

DWTS airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Watch the video below to see more of our interview with Paula -- she fed us homemade goodies backstage, and we got in some political talk too! Paula will not be voting for Kanye West!