Someone in a Dinosaur Costume Totally Aced This 'American Ninja Warrior' Course


So a T-Rex walks into an American Ninja Warriortraining course… no, it's not the set up to the world's stupidest joke, but it is the premise to the week's funniest YouTube video.

In this amazing clip, we get a small glimpse at what a dinosaur apocalypse might look like if a) they all returned from extinction and b) went through years of gymnastics classes.

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Seriously, the guy in that costume is better at running the American Ninja Warrior training course than most people are at anything. Can you even imagine how good he'd be if he wasn't encumbered by those tiny little T-Rex arms?

If you've never seen American Ninja Warrior,you've been missing out. The competition series follows some of the most athletic men and women of all time as they try to complete an obstacle course that, by all logic, should to completely impossible according to the laws of physics.

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Yet sometimes, very rarely, a few special, talented people pull off a miracle.

That T-Rex waddling around without falling is already impressive before he starts up on the salmon ladder – then it's just mind-blowing.

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