Calista Flockhart Can't Get Over the 'Supergirl' Buzz

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Calista Flockhart
is about to kick some major butt on Supergirl!

The 50-year-old star returns to a lead television role on the highly anticipated CBS drama, debuting Monday, Oct. 26, playing the powerful, take-no-prisoners media titan Cat Grant.

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When Flockhart spoke to ET about big small-screen return, she was enthusiastic about diving into a show that featured strong-minded, intelligent women.

“I am really happy to be a part of a show that embraces girl power and celebrates girl power,” Flockhart told ET on the set of the exciting new show.

Throughout her career, the actress has been the face of several successful TV shows, from Ally McBeal to Brothers and Sisters. In Supergirl, Flockhart’s character Cat is immediately intrigued by the possibility of a new superhero in National City. Little does she know, the caped crusader is her own assistant, Kara Danvers, played brilliantly by Melissa Benoist.

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"Cat takes a liking to [Kara], and has a special interest in her," Flockhart said, "and I do think that the relationship will grow."

For Flockhart, the anticipation leading up to Supergirl has been a new experience for her, and she admits she’s still getting used to the hoopla.

“This show has gotten so much buzz before we’ve even been on the air – that’s a little disconcerting to me,” she admitted. “That’s a little scary.”

Well, Flockhart need not worry. ET declared Supergirl one of the fall’s must-watch new shows of the season! But she did talk about how much social media powers the conversation when it comes to episodic television.

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"That's the difference. [During] Ally, I didn't even have a cell phone!" Flockhart reminisced of her time on the dramedy, which ran on Fox from 1997-2002. 

Flockhart isn’t the only reason you should tune in – Benoist, who broke through on Glee, is the perfect leading lady!

Earlier this summer, the 27-year-old spoke to ETonline about taking on the tall task of stepping into the superhero universe.

“It’s a daunting feeling in the best way because obviously it feels like a responsibility but I love that I can do it in this way -- that she’s quirky and kind of weird and flawed and funny in a way that Kara [Zor-El] is discovering herself right now when we meet her in the pilot,” Benoist said back in July. “I’m glad I can show girls that you can do anything that you want to do.”

premieres Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.