'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Reveals the Truth About Her Sex Tape and Plastic Surgery

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Season three of Vanderpump Rules was not easy for Stassi Schroeder, who always seemed to be at odds with her castmates -- to the confusion of the show’s fans.

During the reunion show in March, the reality star revealed that she was upset with Scheana Marie for watching a private intimate video that featured Schroeder alone, which Schroeder called a “sex tape.” Allegedly, an unnamed ex-boyfriend of Schroeder’s was attempting to shop the video around, and he had shown it to Marie and a few other SUR co-workers. Marie apologized for watching it but maintained she never encouraged any sale of the tape.

The 27-year-old fashion blogger, who confirmed she’s returning to the reality show next season, got candid with ET to discuss how much the scandal hurt her.

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“Take the most private moment you could ever have, and then have people looking at it and shopping it around,” she explained. “I never wanted anyone to know about it, but that was the reason I felt a certain way about a lot of them and it looked weird on camera because I couldn't justify why I was hating on them.”

Schroeder confirmed to ET that the personal debacle will be covered at length in the upcoming season, adding that it was particularly challenging revealing the news to her boyfriend of nearly two years, radio host Patrick Meagher.

“He was very, very supportive,” she said. “I wouldn't have been able to deal with it without him. It was very hard for him. He held me while I cried, and he did the best he could and I was thankful for that.”

With a smile and a pinch of her signature wit, Schroeder admits that she did learn an important lesson from all the drama. “Don’t put your face in your sexy selfies, yo!” she jokes.

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There is some good news for Schroeder, despite the tape’s known existence: Because she appears in the tape solo, lawyers have assured her that it cannot be sold or distributed without her consent.

Schroeder wasn’t shy about discussing other typically taboo topics, like plastic surgery. The podcast host told ET she’s considering a breast lift or reduction.

“I have National Geographic boobs,” she tells ET, laughing. “I’ve had them since I was 14-years-old, so they point down and they're like at my hips. I'm kind of over it so maybe I want to do that.”

So far, the only part of her body Schroeder has altered is her lips, which she admitted to plumping up. However, there is one procedure she adamantly refuses: botox.

“I've done it before but I like when people know when I'm mad at them without me having to say something,” she says.

To learn more about Schroeder’s strained relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, and why she decided to return to the reality show, watch the video below.