'Scandal' Shocker: Is There a [SPOILER] in the Works?


Spoiler alert: Steer clear if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Scandal!

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Thursday’s episode of Scandal may have ended with Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) finally rekindling their professional bromance, but Shonda Rhimes’ political drama dropped a major bombshell in next week’s teaser: There may be an Olitz wedding in the very near future!

"You two are getting married," Cyrus is seen telling Fitz and Olivia (Kerry Washington) in the teaser.

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But not everyone is as happy as the shippers on social media. Even Olivia herself seems skeptical, asking "A shotgun wedding on the heels of a quickie divorce?"

Fitz’s ex, Mellie (Bellamy Young), was less diplomatic about her displeasure, telling Olivia, "I despise you."

We’re with ex VP-turned-political pundit Sally Langston (Kate Burton): 'This should be good!"

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