Porsha Williams Teases 'Realest Season Ever' of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' and 'Living For' NeNe Leakes' Sur

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Porsha Williams has a peach in her hand once again. The 34-year-old entrepreneur is back as full-time housewife on the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta after spending last year as just a “friend.”

“You know what? It feels like I’m back on reality TV all over again, for the first time,” Porsha tells ETonline about returning full time. “Last year was a nice little break … but, this season, I do have a lot going on that they follow. So it’s, you know, a little more invasive as far as what they’re covering.”

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The cameras may feel a little more invasive, but Porsha reveals that she’s able to show more now that she’s no longer married to former NFL player Kordell Stewart.

“When you are married, you filter everything,” Porsha says. “You know, you want to represent and speak for the family. You’re not just speaking for yourself, so I’m single and I am totally speaking for Porsha. I am saying and doing and living my life exactly how I want, with no apologies … which leads me to be very opinionated and expressive.”

No longer filtered, fans will get to see more of what’s going on in her life, including her multiple business pursuits.

“You’ll get to see me doing business with my sister,” Porsha teases. “We’re gonna be talking about the hair [line], Naked Hair, we’ll be talking about Naked Lingerie [available Nov. 8] …  it’s a lot of exciting things, of course. It’s lingerie! Sexy and fun.”

And then there’s her budding relationship with boyfriend Duke Williams, a player for the Buffalo Bills. The two went public with their relationship just before Porsha started filming the new season.

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“I think my biggest worry or fear was just making the relationship public, period,” Porsha explains, saying she wasn’t necessarily nervous about documenting her love life on TV again. The end of the reality star’s marriage to Kordell in 2013 was well-documented on the series.

“We decided to go ahead and experience the good and the bad of, you know, having a public relationship early on, so we’d be used to it and have a thick skin by the time it actually hit the air,” Porsha says of Duke. The couple reportedly split in the middle of filming.

Of course, Porsha’s experiencing the good and the bad of her relationships with the other ladies, too. She calls Phaedra Parks her “booskie,” promises a “cute” bond with Housewives newcomer Kim Fields, and says she and one-time nemesis Kenya Moore are in an OK place. 

“I’m definitely not upset with her anymore,” Porsha says of Kenya. “Before, I was like, she’s in the room and I don’t care she’s in the room. And now it’s kinda like, she’s in the room and we may share a laugh or two.”

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“This season is so about roller coasters in these relationships,” Porsha teases. “Going up and down, and all the unexpected turns that these relationships are taking. So, it’s gonna be excited for people to watch.”

“This season, I would say, for a lot of people, is very emotional,” Porsha says. “I think everybody decided for this season -- I don’t know why -- to strip down, be themselves … Some of it was tough to deal with, but I think it’s great when everybody can just be real. This will probably be the realest season ever.”

The “realest season ever” will also feature the return of NeNe Leakes, who announced her exit from the Bravo series over the summer, saying she was stepping out “on faith, not fear.” NeNe’s since changed her mind, and will appear in a handful of episodes when the show returns.

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“NeNe said that, before she left, that she was going onto bigger and better things,” Porsha says. “And sometimes you don’t miss what you had until it’s gone, and I think that she missed me. A lot.”

“I’m just playing,” Porsha continues, with a laugh. “You know, NeNe is always going to be around. She is, you know, the foundation of the Housewives for Atlanta …  she has that right to pop in when she wants to. For me, I’m living for it. I’m loving every moment when NeNe comes back.”

You can see all the drama unfold when The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres Sunday, Nov. 8, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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