EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson Admits She Never Saw Any of Brooks Ayers' Cancer Prescriptions on New 'RHOC' Specia


More drama for Vicki Gunvalson.

ETonline has your exclusive first look at Thursday night’s The Real Housewives of Orange County: Secrets Revealed special. In the outtake from the season 10 reunion taping, host Andy Cohen asks Vicki a viewer’s question related to her treatment of former co-star Gretchen Rossi back in season four.

When Gretchen first joined the show, she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, who was suffering from leukemia and eventually passed away from the disease in 2008. Before his death, Gretchen went on vacation without Jeff, which Vicki took issue with.

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The fan asked Vicki this: Why was it OK for Vicki to travel and leave her then-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, at home, even though he was allegedly fighting cancer, when she gave Gretchen such flack for doing the same?

“I knew I was gonna get that,” Vicki says. “First of all, I shouldn’t have chimed in on Gretchen and Jeff’s relationship. Jeff was terminal, in the hospital.”

It should be noted that Gretchen told Andy a few weeks ago on Watch What Happens Live that this season is Vicki’s “karma” for the way she treated Gretchen.

Vicki pulls Tamra Judge into the discussion, saying she joined in on the attack on Gretchen.

“Absolutely,” Tamra says. “And what [Gretchen] did was absolutely sickening.”

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“I, really, probably wasn’t the best girlfriend,” Vicki tries to explain of her choice to leave Brooks at home. “‘Cause I wasn’t involved anymore. I was disconnected.”

That’s when the other ladies start to lay in on Vicki, trying to get a definitive answer out of her about whether or not she believes Brooks to have cancer.

“You weren’t disconnected with us,” Shannon Beador challenges. “Your soulmate is fighting for his life. How’s that disconnected?”  

“Well, Brooks and I were fighting a lot, and so I disconnected from everybody,” Vicki says.

The ladies don’t seem to buy Vicki’s explanation, or even understand it. On Heather Dubrow’s new podcast, she, Tamra and Shannon say Vicki kept deflecting at the reunion -- never answering anyone’s questions directly.

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Heather takes it on herself to get some answers out of Vicki in the clip, asking, “You didn’t see meds in the medicine chest? Pills? Prescriptions…”

“I saw his pill boxes,” Vicki says. “I didn’t see prescriptions.”

“You mean you saw generic pill boxes?” Heather asks.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, then chimes in, saying her mom only ever saw vitamins at the house, not cancer medications.

“To this day, I definitely had red flags,” Vicki admits. “I do not have evidence that he does not have cancer. I don’t have any evidence that he does.”

“Vicki, living with him is evidence!” Shannon challenges. “You should know if he has cancer or not. You lived with him.”

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That’s when Vicki says she does believe Brooks to have cancer, though she would later go on to say she doesn’t think he is sick. She’s since gone back to supporting Brooks on Twitter.

You can get Brooks’ side the the story when he sits down with Andy for a Real Housewives of Orange County special, Brooks Tells All, on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Then, stay tuned for the Secrets Revealed special, which follows at 10 p.m. ET.

To hear more from Vicki’s co-stars on what went down at the reunion, check out the video below.