One Direction Rocks Hollywood: 7 Important Things We Learned From Their Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

From a new bandmate to their hiatus plans, here are some fascinating takeaways from the group's appearance on the late night talk show.

One Direction took over Hollywood Blvd. on Thursday to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the massive throng of screaming fans couldn't have been more excited.

But before the guys hit the outdoor stage, they sat down with Kimmel to talk about their upcoming hiatus, their holiday plans, and their weird relationship with Kimmel's dad.

Here are the 6 most important things we learned from One Direction's appearance on JKL.

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1. They've Welcomed a New Member to the Group!

Forget Zayn Malik! 1D has a new handsome heartthrob -- this large Russet Potato.

The diminutive bandmate even sat with the rest of the group during their interview with Kimmel, atop his very own tiny chair.

2. They Have Some Fun Plans For Their Time Off

When the topic of their pending hiatus came up, Harry Styles and Niall Horan shared some of their fun free time plans.

"I think just a lot of kind of chilling out will probably happen," Styles said, smiling.

"Maybe a little bit of traveling," Horan shared. "I think I've driven past some of the biggest monuments in the world, but never actually stopped beside them, so that would be nice."

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3. They Are Going to Enjoy a Very Special 1D Thanksgiving

While the guys admitted that they don't really celebrate Thanksgiving -- what with them living in England and Ireland – they’ll be in America this year, so they might have to do something fun.

"I'll cook!" Liam Payne chimed in.

"Can you cook, Liam?" Louis Tomlinson asked.

"I will try my best!" Payne added.

Hopefully this doesn't end in a giant kitchen catastrophe.

4. They Open Up About Playing on Hollywood Blvd.

The guys closed down the massive Los Angeles thoroughfare, and Kimmel asked the burning question: "Will this be the dirtiest placed you've ever performed?"

"Well, there's more drunk superheroes than anywhere else," Horan answered.

"They're kinda scary," Liam added. "I walked past Batman one time, and he kinda jumped at me"

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5. The Guys Have a Weird Friendship With Kimmel's Dad

The topic soon came up of the weirdest fan interactions they've ever experiences, and Niall revealed that he had a run in with Kimmel's dad in the studio bathroom before the show.

Kimmel thought they were kidding, at first, until Styles chimed in that Kimmel's dad shared a lot of information with them, such as his blood type, Kimmel's career history, and the details of Kimmel's sister's housing situation.

6. Kimmel's Family Celebrates Niall's Birthday

Kimmel then revealed that his family throws a party – complete with a birthday cake -- every year on Horan's birthday, because his niece is in love with the 22-year-old Irish crooner.

That's some dedication to being a fan, right there.

7. 1D Knows How to Make a Crowd Go Crazy

It turns out there's a reason they’re so popular.

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The guys recently sat down with ET's Samantha Harris, where they opened up about former bandmate Zayn Malik's departure and his burgeoning solo career. Check out the candid interview in the video below.