'Scorpion' Bosses Break Down Heartbreaking Death, Tease 'Emotional Fallout'


Executive producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton dish on what's next!

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Monday’s emotional episode of Scorpion.

We’re still grieving over what just happened on Scorpion.

CBS’ genius drama said goodbye to one of the show’s beloved characters on Monday’s episode and did it in the most heartbreaking way possible. Suffering from multiple sclerosis, Walter O’Brien’s sister Megan (beautifully played by Camille Guaty) succumbed to her fatal condition by hour’s end -- changing the lives of everyone around her forever.

The most poignant moment, though, may have been Walter’s reaction to Megan’s death as he stood by her hospital bed – a simple “Oh, OK.”

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“That’s an example of an actor being given four letters, three syllables and putting all the meaning behind it, which is ‘I know how to process advanced mathematical theorems, but I don’t know how to process this so all I can do is say, ‘Oh OK,’” executive producer Nick Santora tells ETonline.

The impact of Megan’s death will have an immediate impact on Team Scorpion, most notably Walter (Elyes Gabel), who will be struggling with the “emotional fallout.”

“We’ll see early on that Walter’s way of dealing with his sister’s passing is to not deal with it, and that will cause consternation and concern with the other geniuses and especially Paige (Katharine McPhee),” Santora says. “Eventually, and not too far after [this episode], Walter’s refusal to deal with Megan will come to a head two episodes later.”

“We’ll see that Megan has given Walter the greatest gift he could ever hope for, which is pure unadulterated love and advice that he carries with him. Walter grows as a human and it brings him and Paige closer and him and the team closer,” Santora continues.

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“He’ll do something in episode 12 that we never thought we’d see him do -- and it’s all because of his sister.”

But don’t expect Megan’s death to drastically shift the team’s outlook on life, though their emotional and social ineptness will improve bit by bit.

“We’re trying to inch them towards a different humanity than they started off with,” executive producer Nicholas Wootton tells ETonline. “Now, we’re bringing them into a life where they are brilliant on the one hand but where they can also deal with life on life’s terms. This is one step on that way.”

Megan’s death also greatly affects her husband Sylvester (Ari Stidham), who takes an opposite approach from Walter in the aftermath.

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“What’s incredible is after her passing, where Walter shuts down Sylvester gains a newfound sense of gratitude,” Santora says. “He is so incredibly thankful for everything he experienced with Megan – true love, true compassion. He’s able to say that Megan taught him to have no regrets.”

Both Santora and Wootton point to casting Guaty, whom Santora worked with on Prison Break and Breakout Kings, as being their proudest accomplishment.

“This doesn’t work at all if she is not giving 100 percent and she was giving it 150 percent. She’s riveting and such a good actress. She doesn’t have a lot to do but lie there, and she’s still phenomenal,” Wootton marvels.

“I’ve seen her over the past decade grow into this incredible actress. She was amazing 10 years ago and she just gets better and better,” Santora agrees.

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