EXCLUSIVE: Meet the New Couples in the Extended Trailer for 'Newlyweds' Season 3


Prepare to say
‘I do’ -- again!

Bravo’s hit series, Newlyweds:
The First Year
, is back for a season three as four new couples -- Rochelle
and Rob Brann, Erica and Adonis Gladney, Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay, and
Tara and Rob Radcliffe -- let cameras document what happens after walking down
the aisle.

ETonline has an exclusive look at the new season, which
promises to be filled with all-new emotional highs and lows. The couples will
deal with everything from fertility struggles to adultery and spicing up the bedroom
to family conflicts when the series returns on Sunday, Jan. 3. 

Like the previous two seasons, the cast will not cross
paths. Though, their stories prove just how similar their journeys are as they go
through life as a married couple.

In the meantime, check out the four new couples and their Bravo bios below: 

Rochelle & Rob
Brann, New York, New York


A true millennial couple, Rob and Ro met at Rob’s college
fraternity party and it was “love at first beer.” Despite their undeniable
connection, Rob’s Type A nature and Ro’s laid-back demeanor often causes them
to bump heads. Going against Rob’s “master plan,” tensions rise when Ro begins
to contemplate whether life would be easier if they moved away from the hustle
and bustle of New York City. Further complicating their relationship, Ro seeks
to overcome unresolved abandonment issues with her father, while Rob struggles
to choose between his professional obligations and his true passion. With a lot
of decisions to make, Rob and Ro quickly find themselves at a crossroads in
their first year of marriage.

Erica & Adonis
Gladney, Phoenix, Arizona


Erica, a real estate agent, and Adonis, an entrepreneur, met
six years ago at a party and discovered their instant chemistry, but the two
face an uphill battle when days before their wedding Adonis makes a last minute
revelation.  Questioning her trust in Adonis
and their future together, can the couple push through their differences and
make it down the aisle or will Adonis’ transgressions risk the relationship for

Brandon Liberati &
Craig Ramsay, Los Angeles, California


Brandon, a celebrity hairstylist and beauty professional met
Craig, a celebrity fitness expert, at a gym in Hollywood over five years
ago.  They quickly fell in love and
rushed into living together in Los Angeles. Working around the world, the two are busier than ever with their
careers, but want to approach starting a family. After months of planning, on
top of all of the other challenges a newlywed couple faces, Craig and Brandon
run into an unexpected roadblock that could completely change the course of
their plans for children. Will they be
able to rise above the setbacks they encounter, or are they ill prepared for
something they didn’t see coming?

Tara & Rob
Radcliffe, Malibu, California


Tara and Rob met while both were working in real estate in
Malibu.  Although she is previously married,
Rob is previously married twice and the two have a twenty-year age gap as well
as vastly different backgrounds. In
their life as newlyweds, Rob constantly clashes with Tara’s large Persian
family which puts a major strain on their marriage. Although head over heels in lust, the two
begin to discover that they must deal with old issues as they navigate their
first year as newlyweds. When one partner thinks that family comes first and
the other struggles to let go of past issues, can Tara and Rob find their
happily ever after?

Newlyweds: The First Year returns on Sunday, Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. only on Bravo. 

two moves to the series regularly scheduled
time on
Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m.