Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Women Revealed: From 'Chicken Enthusiast' to 'Unemployed' -- Get to Know the Ladies!


It's beginning to look a lot like The Bachelor!

In less than a month, we will be glued to our TV screens (yet again!) each and every Monday night as we watch the horror and hilarity unfold on ABC's most dramatic season ever. (We're actually not sure if that's going to happen, but you just know that host Chris Harrison is going to tell us that at least a billion times.)

There will be 28 women vying for Bachelor Ben Higgins' heart when the new season kicks off on Monday, Jan. 4 and ABC has just released the bachelorettes' names, ages and professions -- which include everything from "mathematician" to "chicken enthusiast." Yes, we're serious. A "chicken enthusiast" is coming this season.

From the most outrageous jobs, to the early frontrunners, and the return of some familiar faces, we've compiled a list of the sweet sixteen ladies that we think are the ones to watch…

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Most Outrageous Jobs:

Maegan, 30, cowgirl, Weatherford, TX –
Giddy up, Ben! With a profession like "cowgirl" it's clear that this gal is going to send us on a wild ride. Fun fact: Maegan brings a mini horse with her to meet Ben, and they BOTH get invited inside.

Jackie, 23, gerontologist, San Francisco, CA –
If you're like us, then you're very first thought is, "What the heck is a gerontologist?!" Well, thanks to the power of Google, we know that it's "the study of the social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging." Twenty bucks says she brings Ben a photo of what they'll look like when they grow old together.

Rachel, 23, unemployed, Little Rock, AR –
Hey, at least she's honest and didn’t try to come up with some insane kind of title. Speaking of which, meet…

Tiara, 26, chicken enthusiast, Redmond, WA –
That's right, ladies and gents! For the first time in Bachelor history, we have ourselves a "chicken enthusiast," and our feathers are ruffled with so many questions: What exactly is there to be enthusiastic about? Does this enthusiasm lend itself to other barnyard animals? Are your parents proud of your life choices, Tiara? And, most importantly, why chickens?

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Early Frontrunners:

Caila, 23, software sales representative, Hudson, OH –
Not only do Caila and Ben have the exact same job, they’re both from small towns in the Midwest. Ben is from Warsaw, Indiana and Caila lives just one state over in Hudson, Ohio, which is only four hours and four minutes away. (Heck yes, we Google Maps-ed it!)

Lace, 25, real estate agent, Denver, CO –
While Caila is close to Ben's hometown, Lace has the advantage of actually living in the exact same town as Ben lives in now. Considering most of the Bachelor couples break up due to strains of a long-distance relationship, this is a huge advantage. Plus, we know that she kisses Ben straight out of the limo, so she undoubtely makes a strong first impression!

Familiar Faces:

Becca, 26, chiropractic assistant, San Diego, CA –
She's ba-ack! The out-and-proud virgin from Chris Soules' season is back for her second chance at love, and she's been campaigning to get on this show ever since Ben was announced as the next Bachelor. Soules' runner-up tweeted, "Ben H is what most 26 yr old virgins named Becca are looking for." Whoa!

Amber, 30, bartender, Chicago, IL –
Another heartbroken babe from Soules' season is joining the romance race for Ben H. Amber was sent packing in episode three of season 19, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that she'll last a little longer this time.

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Most Impressive Jobs:

Jubilee, 24, war veteran, Fort Lauderdale, FL –
A war veteran at just 24 years old? Damn, Jubilee! Fingers crossed she doesn’t mock her own profession by coming out of the limo in camouflage or demand that Ben "drop and give her twenty."

Shushanna, 27, mathematician, Salt Lake City, UT –
"Mathematician." 'Nuff said.

Amanda, 25, esthetician, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA –
In the monotonous Bachelor sea of teachers, real estate agents, and event planners, the fact that Amanda is an esthetician is refreshingly out of the box.


Emily, 22, twin, Las Vegas, NV-
Well, what can we say about Emily? Since she has no real profession other than "twin," it's difficult to surmise how she's going to bone with Ben. All we know is that she's blonde, beautiful, and she looks just like…

Haley, 22, twin, Las Vegas, NV –
Ditto to everything we just said about Emily.

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Safe Bets:

Jessica, 23, accountant, Boca Raton, FL –
The best part about being an accountant is that you can do that job anywhere in the country, so Jessica's job definitely gives her an advantage in this dating competition.

Lauren H., 25, kindergarten teacher, Ann Arbor, MI –
This girl must be a complete and total sweetheart considering the fact that she spends the majority of her life with five-year-olds.

Olivia, 23, news anchor, Austin, TX –
To be a news anchor, you must be driven, personable and compassionate, and something tells us that Olivia will fit all those requirements.

Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor begins Monday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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