'The Originals' Star Claire Holt Spills on 'Unhinged' Rebekah in the Mid-Season Finale!

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She's ba-ack!

Claire Holt
returns to The Originals tonight to reprise her fan-favorite role as Rebekah in the sure-to-be-shocking mid-season finale -- and, let's just say, this is one Christmas that the Mikaelson family will never forget.

To help get your pumped for all the holiday havoc and family madness, ETonline called up Claire and we're gifting you with inside scoop on everything Rebekah is up to tonight in "Savior."

ETonline: What should fans be prepared for before they tune into the mid-season finale of The Originals?
Claire Holt:
Mayhem and also some really sweet and touching family moments that I really think the fans are going to respond to. There's a really great combination of action and more intimate personal family scenes, which is what I think The Originals writers always seem to do best.

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When we had Phoebe Tonkin in our ETonline studios a few weeks ago, she mentioned we'll be getting some great Hayley and Rebekah scenes tonight. What can you tease about their interaction?
Rebekah is a little unhinged in this episode, something is not quite right with her so the way that she behaves is certainly a reflection of that. She acts out in ways that she perhaps wouldn't have under normal circumstances so I think that's definitely going to color the scene with Hayley and their interactions.

Hayley and Rebekah have come so far since season one, how do you feel when you look back on their sisterly relationship?
It's really wonderful and it's sweet to see that Hayley has an ally and this sister figure when Rebekah is in her right mind and I think their scenes together and the scenes that we have are always really grounded and relatable and I think that's what's so nice. Hayley has had to go through some awful times and some really tumultuous situations so to have this stability most of the time – except for when Rebekah is unhinged – is nice for her I think.

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Even though Rebekah has been going through living hell lately, will we get any more scenes between baby Hope and her auntie?
I don’t think that she's had too much time to focus on the child, honestly. [Laughs] Rebekah has been kind of focused on staying a live and doing what she has to protect that family but she'll always have a connection and she'll love Hope like a daughter because she spent all that time with her when she was protecting her at the end of the first season and into the second.

We've had this deadly Mikaelson family prophecy looming over our heads this whole season. How concerned is Rebekah at this point and should fans be really worried too?
Of course they should be worried-- this is a serious threat. I think there are times when each family member doubts it, but we've learned in the history of this show that you can never really doubt anything. You can never write anyone or anything off and everything is a threat so we really get to explore that in this episode.

The Originals
' mid-season finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.