The 13 Most Shocking TV Deaths, Fake-Outs and Resurrections of 2015

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Break out the tissues and cancel your weekend plans because we're about to go on a tear-jerking journey down memory lane.

Over the past 12 months, TV fans have experienced some of the most traumatic twists and gut-wrenching turns as many of our favorite characters were murdered, devoured and obliterated off our screens. 2015 has been an emotional year, y'all.

Even more exhausting, however, were the shows that trolled fans with quickie resurrections just a few episodes later. (Ahem, we're talking about you, The Walking Dead!)

Scroll below to relive the small screen's most shocking deaths, fake-outs and resurrections of 2015!

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Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy

Cause of Death:
The loss of McDreamy was particularly brutal. After saving the lives of four car accident victims and sending them to the hospital, a large semi hit Derek's car as he attempted to get back on the road – and back to Meredith. (SOB!) Rushed to the hospital, Derek was still alive and breathing but it was the improperly-trained doctors at the hospital that cost him his life. (Why didn't they just get the CT scan?!)

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

Cause of Death:
At the very end of the season five finale, Olly -- the vengeful little boy whose family was killed by wildlings -- betrayed Jon and led him into a deadly, mutinous trap. The brothers of the Night's Watch surrounded Jon and each took turns stabbing him in the stomach with their swords. Although we are almost positive that Jon Snow will return from his snowy grave, it was still one of the most shocking "deaths" of 2015.

Noah, The Walking Dead

Cause of Death:
Without a doubt, Noah's demise in season five will go down in history as one of the most gruesome deaths in television history. With his body pressed up against a glass door, Noah was viciously torn apart and devoured by a hoard of flesh-craving zombies. But the worst part of that revolving door death? The fact Glenn couldn't save his friend and was then forced to watch the entire bloody and brutal demise.

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Sheriff Forbes, The Vampire Diaries

Cause of Death:
Although plenty of parents have passed in Mystic Falls, we full-on ugly cried when we lost Caroline's mom earlier this year in season six. Sherrif Forbes lost her life in a very tragic, and surprisingly un-supernatural way: She succumbed to cancer and not even vampire blood could cure her. Liz passed away in the hospital with a sweet memory planted in her mind by Caroline and then we all sobbed for days.

Clara Oswald, Doctor Who

Cause of Death:
After three years, 31 episodes and countless adventures, Clara Oswald finally left Doctor Who – and it wasn’t a pretty exit. The longtime companion was killed after she tried to outwit an alien, "quantum shade," but then discovered she’d actually doomed herself to death.

Eddie Thawne, The Flash

Cause of Death:
During The Flash's biggest battle in the season one finale, Eddie Thawne seized the opportunity to become the hero he always wanted to be and shot himself in the chest. Why would this make him a hero, you ask? Because Eddie's death created a shocking timeline twist. When Eddie took his own life, he also erased his distant future relative, Eobard Thawne -- aka the Reverse Flash -- from existence, thus saving everyone's lives.

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Delphine Cormier, Orphan Black

Cause of Death:
She's the girl that all Orphan Black fans have wanted to make crazy science with since we first met her and that perfect head of hair. Unfortunately, Delphine's role as the "New Rachel" came with a deadly price in the season three finale when an unknown assailant shot her in the chest. Since we've yet to have a funeral, we're going to keep our fingers crossed that Delphine pulls through, but it's not looking likely…

Charlie Bradbury, Supernatural

Cause of Death:
Sam and Dean's longtime hacker-turned-hunter and friend was brutally murdered at the end of season ten in a motel bathroom by Eldon Frankenstein. Although we cried all the tears, there is a silver lining to this blood-soaked death. Since this isSupernatural, many of our dearly departed characters often return as ghosts, so this might not be the last time we see this geek-tastic gal.

Stannis Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Cause of Death:
After Stannis Baratheon's twisted and cruel decision to burn his young daughter alive and his wife hung herself from grief, he and his teeny tiny army all perished just outside the walls of Winterfell. So who killed Stannis? That honor belonged to Brienne of Tarth who was finally able to avenge the death of her master King Renly Baratheon.

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Paul Dierden, Orphan Black

Cause of Death: 
We fell in love with Hot Paul (and his perfectly chiseled abs) in the first season of Orphan Black, so his death in season three was particularly heartbreaking. During a showdown with the Castor clones, Paul sacrificed himself (via grenade) to take out as many Castor operatives as possible and ensure Sarah's safety. To make matters worse, he confessed his love to Sarah right before his death and then our hearts exploded too.

Jo Laughlin, The Vampire Diaries

Cause of Death:
The Vampire Diaries gifted fans with the worst wedding of all time earlier this May when Kai stabbed his sister Jo. As if that wasn't tar-jerking enough, the big moment happened when Jo was in the middle of her wedding and was just about to vow her undying love to Alaric, aka the father of her unborn children. Although Jo is still gone, her body was resurrected in season seven of The Vampire Diaries with another soul living inside, so we guess she's half dead?

Thea Queen, Arrow

Cause of Death:
Earlier this year on Arrow, Ra's al Ghul ambushed Thea in her home and the two engaged in a fierce battle. Unfortunately, Thea's new ass-kicking skills were no match for Ra's and the League of Assassins leader plunged his sword right through Thea. Before you start sobbing, you'll be happy to know that Thea was later resurrected with the Lazarus Pit and she is currently leading a happy crime-fighting life, with just a slight side of bloodlust.

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Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead

Cause of Death:
Okay, fine so technically Glenn didn't die on The Walking Dead -- but AMC sure wanted us to think he did! After weeks of mourning Glenn's assumed demise, fans were finally gifted with the true angle of Glenn and Nicholas' bullet-inducing fall. After taking his own life, Nicholas' body landed on top of Glenn's -- and it was his body that was being torn apart and ravaged by the walkers -- not Glenn's. Essentially, Nicholas' body acted like a fleshy cocoon to protect Glenn. Our former pizza boy crawled underneath the dumpster until the heard of vicious walkers staggered away. As a result, Glenn's "death" is the biggest fake-out of 2015.

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