'House of Cards' Runs Spot-On Parody Ad During GOP Debate


“It’s a new day in America,” declared one commercial during Tuesday’s GOP debate on CNN, but surprisingly, the ad wasn’t for any of the Republican candidates onstage at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Instead, the spot was a near-perfect parody for an even more nefarious politican: House of Cards’ Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey).

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“America, I’m only getting started,” Spacey declares in the ad, promoting the Netflix political drama’s upcoming fourth season with a satirical “FU2016” tagline.

The show even created a campaign website, FU2016.com, where Underwood lays out his plan for progress.

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“I have no patience for useless things - like political gridlock and stagnation. And neither should you,” the site reads. “Join me. Let's roll up our sleeves together. Let's plow through the stubborn and small-minded and send Washington a message loud and clear.”

“I’m Frank Underwood, and I approve this message,” Spacey deadpans at the end of the spot. Can’t wait!

House of Cards
returns to Netflix on March 4.

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