EXCLUSIVE: Jane Lynch Returns to TV in Fine Form With CBS' New Comedy 'Angel From Hell'

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Jane Lynch
is back on the small screen with CBS’ new show, Angel From Hell, and only ETonline has your exclusive first look at the midseason comedy.

The half-hour laffer, co-starring Psych’s Maggie Lawson, follows Allison (Lawson), a successful dermatalogist who runs into Amy (Lynch), a larger-than-life woman who proclaims herself Allison’s “guardian angel” and has an immediate connection to her. Amy’s mission? To bring a new perspective to Allison’s otherwise predictable life.

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In dreaming up the new series, executive producer Tad Quill explains that he was loosely inspired by the classic TV programs, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie: “I was wondering, what would be sort of the modern version of that?”

Lawson says of her workaholic character, who works alongside her father (played by Kevin Pollak), “She wraps herself in her work and has a pretty rigid set of rules in her life. Because of that, she’s not living her happiest life.”

That’s where Lynch’s eccentric “guardian angel” comes in.

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“She tries too hard. She loves too hard. She’s clumsy. She’s an alcoholic,” the former Glee star says. “Her consciousness is a little altered sometimes.” Lynch adds that Amy isn’t “a typical guardian angel --but are there typical guardian angels? Have you ever met one?”

But Lynch has her own ideas on what she’d like her own guardian angel to be like, hypothetically speaking of course.

“If I had a guardian angel for just one day, I think I’d want that guardian angel -- for me, what Amy is doing for Allison -- which is to show me how great and divine I am,” she says. “I would love to get a shot of that in a guardian angel.”

Angel From Hell
premieres Thursday, Jan. 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.