Making a Dream Cast for Netflix's 'Making a Murderer'


We come up with our dream cast should the docu-series get the Hollywood treatment.

Coming off the success of the Serial podcast and
HBO’s The Jinx, every murder-mystery lover out there has a brand new
case to obsess over. Netflix dropped all 10-episodes for streaming of the
docu-series Making a Murderer in December, and in less than three weeks
it has taken the world by storm.

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For those who haven’t binge-watched the addicting show yet
(what were you doing over your holiday break?), Making a Murderer tells
the story of Steven Avery, a man falsely imprisoned for sexual assault and
later exonerated after 18 years in prison, who after his release was
subsequently charged for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Filmed over the course
of 10-years by filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, the series takes a
closer look at the prosecution’s investigation, shedding a light on the
potential injustice in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

To reveal any more information would be unfair as the show
must be experienced first-hand.

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The show, like Serial and The Jinx before it,
is ripe for the Hollywood treatment. And given that high-profile celebrities --
Ricky Gervais, Chrissy Teigen, Emmy Rossum, Mia Farrow, Rosie O’Donnell, Mandy
Moore, Mindy Kaling and more -- have all tweeted about the show, we rounded up a few stars we think would be perfect if Making a Murderer ever gets a
TV or film adaptation.

Joshua Jackson as Steven Avery

Getty Images

It may seem like an unlikely choice given Jackson’s hunky
status in Hollywood. Jackson is the last person you would expect him to play is
a convicted murderer, but that is exactly why he is perfect for the role. In addition
to their facial similarities, Jackson and Avery both possess boyish innocence
in their smiles -- you immediately think there must be more to the story than
the crimes they are convicted of. And anyone who has watched Jackson star in
Showtime’s drama The Affair knows how perfectly he can play a troubled
man plagued by his family name. Only qualm? Jackson would need to put on a few
pounds to portray the older version of Avery.

Paul Dano as Brendan Dassey 

Getty Images

Dano may be a bit on the older side to play Avery’s nephew,
Brendan, who is just 16 when we first meet him in the docu-series, but
physically this casting is a no-brainer. Dano has proven he can play a confused
young man involved in a potential crime (Prisoners) and he is
perfect at playing the silent type that Dassey is (Little Miss Sunshine).

Kyle Chandler as Defense Attorney Dean Strang

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Audiences everywhere have collectively swooned over defense
attorney Strang since the series’ debut in December. He is an impeccable
attorney, incredibly intelligent, and approachably hot. Like your friend’s dad
that you kind of have a crush on. Cue, coach Taylor himself, Kyle Chandler. The
actor has the perfect combination of smarts and superiority to play the series’
breakout star.

David Hyde Pierce as Defense Attorney Jerry Buting

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Not much needs to even be said here. The resemblance is
uncanny. Plus, the Frasier actor can also pull off intelligence without
missing a beat, something definitely required to play Buting.

June Squibb as Delores Avery

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The Iowa-born actress would have no problem excelling at the
Wisconsin accent required of Steven’s outspoken mother. Also, the Nebraska
actress has that thoughtful and somber appearance that just makes you want to
give her a hug, something viewers easily felt towards Delores.

John Goodman as Alan Avery

Getty Images

Avery’s father is a frightening man -- and not in a criminal
way, but in a papa bear type way. He will protect his kin at all costs. Goodman
fits the bill physically and his acting ability is also a fair match. Anyone
who has seen him on Roseanne knows how convincing he can be when
portraying a proud father.

Eric Stonestreet as Prosecutor Ken Kratz

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The comedic actor may appear to be an ill-fit for the
prosecutor who has been labeled as the villain by many viewers. After-all, audiences
are used to seeing him as the lovable family-man Cam on Modern Family,
but people should not underestimate his abilities. He is more than capable of
playing an unfavorable guy, one needs to look no further than his roles in Bad
and The Loft. Stonestreet is up to the task.

Chloe Sevigny as Jodi Stachowski

Getty Images

To play Avery’s sweet and supportive fiancée, you need an
actress who is able to pull off naivety while remaining tough in the face of
tragedy. Bring in Sevigny, a tremendously underrated actress who is no stranger
to pulling off mid-western accents (Boys Don’t Cry) and while you would
want her to be your best friend, you’d also know never to get on her bad side.

Taryn Manning as Barb Janda

Getty Images

Avery’s conflicted sister -- and mother of Brendan -- is a
juicy role any actress would petition for, and Manning fits the bill. The
actress portraying Barb would need to easily transition from a sweet supporter
of her brother to an angry mother looking for answers. We know Manning has an
interest in playing real-life characters (Cleveland Abduction) and we
know she can pull off a tough woman from the wrong-side of the tracks (Orange
Is the New Black
). Sign her up.

Rashida Jones as Local News Reporter Angenette Levy

While Levy is not exactly a main-player in the series, she
is a constant presence throughout reminding the audience that even the local
press on the scene were skeptical of the prosecution’s investigation of
Halbach’s murder. Oh, and Jones tweeted out the likeness herself, so we
couldn’t resist. 

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Who would you cast in the Making a Murderer movie? Play
casting director in the comments and let us know what you thought of the
docu-series by tweeting #ETnow.