'The Bachelor' Season 20: 4 Frontrunners Sure to Steal Ben Higgins' Heart

From news anchors to unicorn enthusiasts, check out our predictions for who will find love with Ben Higgins on 'The Bachelor.'

Season 20 of The Bachelor kicked off Monday when 28 women looking for love introduced themselves to Bachelor Ben Higgins (and the world). After some serious, heated debate and dedicated soul-searching, we've determined which four ladies stand the best chance of walking away with Higgins' heart!

Check out our Week 1 predictions for who comes out on top at the end of this season of The Bachelor.

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Local news anchor Olivia Caridi, 23, stunned in sparkles as she stepped out of the limo, and Ben was clearly nervous just at the sight of her. Olivia gave up her news anchor job in one of the smallest TV markets in the country to get national exposure on a popular reality show. She got the first impression rose, and our first impression is she’s a savvy competitor with her eye on the prize. However, that prize might not be a spot in Ben’s life, but a spotlight on her.

PREDICTION: She'll place 4th, but will win a spot as a social media expert on GMA.

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Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher managed to catch Ben’s eye while wearing a unicorn mask. She is indeed a mythical creature.

PREDICTION: She'll place 3rd, only to be eliminated when Ben has famed singer JoJo surprise the ladies at the rose ceremony. She'll sing her hit "Leave (Get Out)" as Ben points to Bachelorette JoJo and motions towards the door. It will be the first interesting thing Ben does on the show.

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Thank goodness ABC is here to help two software sales associates find each other. Caila Quinn broke up with her boyfriend, whom she met serendipitously on an airplane, after seeing Ben on TV during his time on The Bachelorette. When she exited the limo, the 24-year-old Caila jumped right into Ben’s arms, showing her affection from moment one, and the two bonded over their mutual love for selling computer software. Which sounds like a beautiful (albeit boring) fairy tale!

PREDICTION: Final two, but the silver lining? She’ll fall in love with the limo driver on her way home from the final rose ceremony. It’s just fate!

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Lauren B.

Twenty-five-year-old Lauren Bushnell stunned in a simple gown when she stepped out to meet Ben, and he told her she looked "beautiful" right away, calling her a "great start" to the night (Lauren B. was the first contestant he met). The chipper flight attendant says she loves her job and traveling, she’s just sick of being single! The blonde beauty was sweet and, well, normal with Ben all night. She had some haters (Lace said she has “small boobs”) but stayed out of the drama. On The Bachelor, being normal and drama-free is actually pretty impressive … especially on Night 1.

PREDICTION: WINNER! A victory for small-breastedwomen everywhere! (Suck it Lace!)

So how will Higgins fare this season? Can he handle the contestants' out-there personalities? We put him to the test! Watch the video below.