EXCLUSIVE: Your First Look at Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens Revamping a Classic in 'Grease: Live'


Fox will reintroduce and reimagine one of the most iconic musicals of all time later this month with their live one-night production of Grease, and ET has an exclusive first look behind the scenes!

Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens are among the stars enrolling at Rydell High for the special event, playing Sandy and Rizzo, respectively.

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"I love everything about a live show and the adrenaline that you get from doing something live," Hough says in the behind-the-scenes clip. "Then on top of that it's Grease and it's such an iconic show. I think this feels like a dream for most of us."


Executive producer Marc Platt couldn't be happier with the casting.

"Our Sandy is going to be alive and vibrant," Platt says. "When Julianne Hough walked in it was like, 'Oh my God! There she is!'"

Hudgens had a similar experience when she suited up to portray the iconic bad girl.

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"As soon as I put my costume on I started to find my Rizzo already," Hudgens says. "It's going to be a good time."


While producers are thrilled with their Sandy and Rizzo, Platt said those characters are "just the tip of the iceberg."

Filling out the cast will be Broadway veteran Aaron Tveit as Danny, Carly Rae Jepsen as Frenchy, Kether Donohue as Jan, David Del Rio as Putzie, Carlos PenaVega as Kenickie and Keke Palmer as Marty.

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"Our intention is to take the best of the film, draw a little bit upon the stage production and emerge with our own refreshed, true Grease," Platt says. "The feel of our production is going to be alive. It's going to be contemporary even though it will be true to the '50s."

Grease: Live premieres Sunday, Jan. 31 on Fox.