EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton's Husband Falls Asleep Mid-Convo on Hilarious 'Tamar & Vince' Sneak Peek!

The R&B diva takes Vince to task for snoozing on the job on Thursday's episode.

Fans saw the toll that Tamar Braxton’s busy schedule as performer, reality star, and Dancing With the Stars contestant took on her during last season of DWTS, but the R&B singer’s reality show, Tamar & Vince, offers a look at the drama that went down behind the scenes!

“I’m in Orlando for my concert, but child, it’s been a lot of work,” says Braxton in a clip from Thursday’s episode, as she's still recovering from an illness and barely has a speaking voice. “I just have to keep rehearsing Dancing With the Stars while I’m here, ‘cause I’m on the road.”

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The singer is in better shape than hubby Vincent Herbert, however. As Tamar talks out her complicated schedule in the car, Vince drifts off, only to immediately be caught snoozing by his wife, who calls him out.

“Vince did you just fall asleep in the middle of that conversation?” she asks incredulously.

While Vince admits his eyes “could have” been closed, he hilariously maintains that he wasn’t asleep.

“I heard everything you were saying,” he tells his wife. “You never heard your mother say she’s gonna rest her eyes?”

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“I’m used to Vince falling asleep while I’m talking to him,” Tamar admits later in a joint interview with her husband. “I don’t understand why he does that, that is so frustrating!”

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