EXCLUSIVE: Walter Goes on a Promising First Date on 'Scorpion,' but It Gets Awkward Fast!

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Is Walter O’Brien a pro at dating? Not so much!

On tonight’s brand-new episode of Scorpion, Walter (Elyes Gabel) goes on his first dinner date with speed-dating organizer, Linda (guest star Brooke Nevin), and it may be too much for the computer genius to handle.

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Things start off a bit rocky between the two when Walter orders some nachos as appetizers, only to find out she’s allergic to corn. Whoops!

“We don’t want your histamines to get hysterical,” a dejected Walter says in ETonline’s exclusive sneak peek. But, Linda really wants him to enjoy those tortilla chips -- so much so that she pushes the plate and the glass of ice-cold water into his lap. Strike No. 2.

Normally the date would be over after that, but these two aren’t the normal couple. As Linda explains, they’re both so awkward at dating that this just might work out.

“I thought, ‘If this guy is as bad at it as I am, we might hit it off!’” Linda adorably says, later complimenting Walter, who needs his pal Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) to give him a nudge on how to proceed.

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“You have a lovely smile,” Walter beings to tell Linda, before digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. “Your canines are particularly sharp. They’re pointed -- it’s a sign of good genetics. Animals can’t masticate tougher meats with dull canines.”

O… K...
Call this date over! Press play on the video above to see it all play out.

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