'The Bachelor': Olivia Takes the Cake as the Most Awkward Girl in Vegas -- See the 'Mortifying' Moment!

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When it comes to awkward moments on tonight's Bachelor, Olivia takes the cake!

Ben Higgins and his army of ladies said goodbye to the Bachelor mansion and hello to Sin City with an array of flashy dates -- but what happens in Vegas… gets made fun of by millions of Bachelor fans on the Internet.

With the exception of JoJo and Becca, who were gifted with the coveted one-on-one dates, Ben's babes went on a group date to show off their hidden talents as the opening act for ventriloquist Terry Fator's show.

Olivia , who already refers to Ben as her "husband" (and has the largest mouth we've ever seen!) attempted to pop out of a cake and give a sexy performance, but let's just say her dance was a little less showgirl, a lot more, "No, girl!"

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"I'm very excited. I'm going to do a little Vegas girl's dance, some kicks, some shimmy, shimmy," she explained with a bit of a slur while the cameras showed her adjusting her barely there costume. "I did shave this morning. I knew this was coming."

"I'm not concerned about standing out at all today," the 23-year-old blonde said haughtily to the cameras before taking the stage. "Not being able to shine, I don’t think has ever been a problem for me in this process."

Dressed in bright red feathers and spotlight-stealing rhinestones, Olivia's fellow bachelorettes described her performance as "awkward" and "embarrassing" as she shimmied, shook, and kicked her legs around the stage.

"It was cringeworthy," Lauren B. said of the cake-popping escapade. "You could just tell that she was so uncomfortable that it made her performance really uncomfortable for everyone."

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To make matters even more embarrassing, it all ended in a "pity hug" from Ben (Olivia's words not ours!) and a post-performance panic attack in the bathroom.

"I tried to do something way outside my comfort zone but it didn’t go that well," she exclaimed dramatically with tears streaming down her face. "I couldn’t even look at him because I know he was mortified so that was really embarrassing."

"I'm here to be marriage material and I don’t think I screamed marriage material." she added. "I need to drink heavily. That was awful! What was I thinking?!"

We're not sure, but we find it pretty interesting that she started freaking out considering just before taking the stage, Olivia stated that she doesn't "get embarrassed by anything."Yeah. OK.

In the end, Olivia scored the last rose of the night while Rachel, Amber, and Hayley -- aka one of the twins -- were eliminated from Ben's journey to find a wife.

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